WATCH: Anderson Cooper Reminisces About Dating Girls

Remember that time Anderson Cooper was straight? That’s okay, neither does he. But on Monday’s episode of Anderson Live, the nation’s leading silver fox recalls his experiences dating girls—at the ripe old age of 13.

“Some of my best friends now are girls who allegedly dated me at 13 and 14, who I didn’t really know we were dating, but they thought we were dating,” he says. “And I was sort of, you know, hoping to meet their brothers.”

It’s really a shame Anderson Live is going off the air: It’s actually gotten fun now that AC is free to queen out a bit on camera. Enjoy it while you can, kids!

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  • Dionte

    Is it on Hulu, where can I watch it without cable?

  • Dinodogstar

    Still, in 2013, in the U.S., you always gotta affirm to the straight world, and the het male demographic you are pursuing, that yep, you got some vagina sex back-in-the-day. In showbiz, and the world at large, as a man, you have to always enforce a fraternal masculine persona, a history of heterosexuality experimentation to convince the world you aren’t wholly (holy?) gay- always key to make the shock and awe of being an actual penis-loving gay man,to go down easier for the straight man-made world, by suggesting you dabbled in straight sexual relations. Still always just feels apologetic to me, that constant need to assert that you tried the female option, to appease the less-than-accepting public.

  • Dinodogstar

    @Dinodogstar: sorry, a little harsh there. Still reeling from the sudden shock that Jodie is gay as well. Or at least, implied she was.

  • Kieran

    Young gay kids today should be aware and grateful for this kind of groundbreaking TV where being gay is talked about in such an open and relaxed manner. You can bet your bippy that Anderson Cooper never had anything like this on TV when he was growing up.

  • northwest

    Anderson and his producer Terrance crack me up with their semi-regular bitch-fights on the show. I don’t watch other talk shows, but I can’t imagine them being as fun as AC’s has been since he came out. I will miss his humor and weird quirks and stories when the show ends its run.

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