Cher Alike

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Used To Think Cher Was His Sister

During #Chermageddon on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live, Anderson Cooper stopped by to see his pal and Cher and shared quite a confession with her.

“I have to see Cher!” he said about his “surprise” visit to the Bravo Clubhouse, but his heart was crushed when Cher admitted to splitting her time between CNN and MSNBC—causing Anderson to be gaymatic and fall from his stool on to the floor. Anderson then revealed something that said many do not know about the icon, which is that when she’s watching the news and sees someone that needs help, she calls in and asks how she can in a low-key way, adding more to the love we have for her.

But on to the Coop’s confession:

“I grew up watching and adoring you,” he starts. “My mom always wanted to have a girl … and she always called you her fantasy daughter. So when I was really young, I grew up thinking ‘am I related to Cher? Is Cher my sister?’ I don’t really quite understand it.”

Laughter ensues, and Andy says what we’re all thinking: “That explains [it].”

Cher also discussed the Supreme Court ruling, what she watches on TV, and even Tom Cruise’s lovemaking skills.