WATCH: An antigay, swastika-wearing bigot gets egged in New York City

Jovanni Valle, protestor, anti-gay, egged
Jovanni Valle

Jovanni Valle, a 26-year-old, swastika-wearing, Trump-supporting public protestor in New York City has become a viral video sensation after a random dude smashed an egg on the back of his head while Valle was reportedly expressing anti-gay views in Manhattan’s Union Square Park.

According to media reports, Valle was involved in a heated argument with another person at the park. During the argument, Valle said that homosexuality was “due to a chemical imbalance” and added, “It’s hurting children, because children grow up mentally ill not knowing who they are.”

Yes, everyone should learn gay science facts from the man in the pink-paisley tie and swastika necklace.

Tired of Valle’s claptrap, some rando in sunglasses walks up behind him, procures an egg from a paper sack and smashes it over the back of Valle’s head. The egger laughs. Valle then chases after him and grabs him from behind before another person tackles Valle. Valle rolls on the ground, at which point the camera looks away, capturing the feet of its recorder.

Here’s video of Valle’s egging:

This is apparently the second or third time Valle has been attacked in public. Last July, Valle had his nose broken and face sliced open at a Lower East Side bar after a woman stomped on his red “Make America Great Again” ballcap. The cap fell off while Valle was dancing.

When Valle asked the woman why she stomped on it, she reportedly said, “I hate this hat, I hate you,” and then Valle placed a hand on her shoulder, at which point the woman’s boyfriend punched him and broke a bottle on his face. A local plastic surgeon and fellow Trump-supporter offered to fix Valle’s face for free.

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Another time, Valle said someone threw hot coffee at him.

Eggs seem to be the implement of choice for people looking to humiliate bigots. Whatever happened to the old-fashioned glitterbomb? Egg yolks can be washed out, but glitter stays around for-ev-er.