WATCH: Anti-Marriage-Equality Group Stages Bizarre Flash Mobs Across France

Protesting the French government’s announced plan to legalize same-sex marriage, a group calling itself Alliance Vita staged flash mobs in dozens of towns across France this week, including one in the Parisian shopping mecca La Défense.

Above, men dressed in green and women donning red were separated into two factions, “symbolizing the fact that every child needs a mother and a father,” reports the National Organization for Marriage. (God help us, we have to read their blog) .

Holding up bright pink signs saying: “Daddy, Mommy, you shouldn’t tell lies to children”, the “daddies” and “mommies” alternately helped a blundering bird—symbolizing a newborn child—to leave its nest without falling.

According to NOM—so take it with a grain of salt the size of Lot’s wife–600 mobbers participated in Lyons, 400 in Rennes, 200 in Toulouse and some 1,500 in Paris.

In the clip below, Alliance Vita’s Tugdual Derville says, “We have heard those who want the so-called marriage for everyone but we have not heard the voice of the children. We are all born from one man and one woman… Are we going to abolish this [idea of] natural parenting and the complement between father and mother, which we know is very precious?”

Derville and his group want a public referendum on the issue of marriage equality.

We don’t know what infuriates us more: That they took a whimsical social phenomenon like flash mobs to spread their message of hate, or that they did it to ABBA’s “Mama Mia.”

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  • 2eo

    These are the same sad sacks who were threatening embassy bombings and kidnapping when Le Pen was in the running for a new fascist government. This is the best they can come up with, it’ll get some coverage for comedy value [none] and serious coverage from Fox, NOM, Daily Heil etcetera.

    Mostly I just want to say “bless” and “the will of the electorate isn’t with you, France has already spoken”.

  • Aidan8

    Mmmm…. as good as any other church-based dramatic effort…. Yuck.

  • erikwm

    What color symbolized the gay kids who will kill themselves as a result of their perpetual bullying?

  • Aidan8

    @erikwm: Oh now, come on, Jesus gives them the color “beige” for “not quite anything, just blend in….” It’s the kids’ fault that they commit suicide. They’re sinners, after all. Jeez.

  • Banzelia

    When asked if he would use his second term as a platform to overturn the federal ban on gay marriage, the president demurred, saying he viewed it as an issue for the states to decide.

    “For us to try to legislate federally into this area is probably the wrong way to go,” Obama told MTV presenter Sway Calloway, who asked questions submitted by youth voters.

    via ABC. Where’s the post on this?

  • stadacona

    “caw caw”? Good lord,seriously lame. Just like mimes, French rap, and that hideous Gerard Depardieu, I cannot stand French culture. Please leave theatre & entertaining to the anglos, you Vichy cowards.

  • Notsoblind

    Good Lord Stadacona ! How old and hatefull are you? life is short! … travel !

  • krandall

    That’s just embarrassing. Couldn’t they find a queen to choreograph it for them?
    It definitely wouldn’t have been half so good without the filthy sneakers.

  • MK Ultra

    They look like a bunch of assholes.

  • hephaestion

    Wow, I am embarrassed for France. That’s the worst flash mob in history.

  • randallreynolds

    Documenting historical bigotry…

  • Tracy

    France is a nation of supercilious bigots who think they are better than everyone else just because they have Gallic blood in their veins. Cultural supremacism runs deep in that country.

    I hope France implodes, which, judging from their farcical politics, should not be too far away.

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