Watch: Bianca Del Rio Featured in Cazwell's New Music Video

Bianca Del Rio Cazwell Dance Like You Got Good Credit Music Video

Back in June we spilled the tee that Bianca Del Rio would be featured in an upcoming Cazwell music video… well, it’s finally here! Although Bianca doesn’t sing in the song, she looks stunning per usual. (If you were hoping to hear Bianca sing/rap, then check out Sherry Vine’s original song ‘Hot Mess.’)

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In the new music video, Bianca plays a sales clerk in a clothing store who catches Cazwell’s knocked-up girlfriend stealing clothes. While we would have liked to see more of Bianca in the video, her quick five second feature (yeah, it’s that short) is still worth watching. Plus, the song is catchy, has a great beat and parodies the spendthrift lifestyle of many hip-hop artists perfectly.

Cazwell’s new album Hard 2 B Fresh comes out on September 30th.


Cazwell – Dance Like You Got Good Credit ft. Cherie Lily

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