WATCH: Blake Skjellerup Offers To Give Vladimir Putin A Much-Needed Hug

Blake Skjellerup, the New Zealand speed skater who competed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and who is known at Queerty headquarters as not only one of our favorite heartthrobs but also as a dedicated LGBT activist, has a message for Vladimir Putin: Dude, you need a hug!

Skjellerup notes that he is proud to be gay and chides the Russian leader for his country’s antigay laws and how the Olympics have been compromised for many athletes and spectators this year. “The Olympic games belong to the world,” he states, “it doesn’t belong to you.”

The 28-year-old, who missed qualifying to again represent New Zealand in the 2014 games, nevertheless wishes he were there. “It’s unfortunate that I won’t be in Sochi and have the chance to meet you and give you a great big hug,” Skjellerup muses. “It sounds like you need it. You sound very scared and I’m not a scary person.”

Want to make your own voice heard? Here’s one way: Uinterview has launched a Facebook app that allows users to create their own 59-second video message for Putin. Click the “U Rant” tab and eventually the videos will automatically upload to the user’s Facebook timeline and the person whose video obtains the most “likes” by the end of February will receive a personal message from Skjellerup. Maybe you can get a video-hug!