WATCH: Brent Corrigan’s Latest Bid For Mainstream Stardom Speaks The “Truth”

Former porn star Brent Corrigan continues to expand his, ahem, straight acting resume as Sean Paul Lockhart with his turn in the torrid new drama Truth. In the indie psychological thriller Lockhart stars as Caleb, who meets and quickly falls in love with Jeremy (Rob Moretti), while struggling to keep his dark side in check.

The film is currently screening at film fests in Europe and the U.S., including San Diego on October 19, and will be released on DVD in February.

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  • B Damion

    Girl, No!

  • sportsguy1983

    Has he ever played a straight character in any of the movies he has been in?

  • Orean

    @B Damion: Not sure what point you might be trying to make with that comment.

  • sportsguy1983

    I don’t take anyone serious as an actor who constantly plays the same type of character.

  • robho3

    that looks kinda good

  • aerogens

    I’m actually surprised by what I’ve seen so far in this trailer. Sean’s acting in Judas was cringe-worthy. I’m not sure I’d actually watch this but I can tell he’s been working on his acting.

  • mgmchicago

    @sportsguy1983: Guess that depends on your definition of acting. IMHO there are many different types of actors: those that play versions of their natural personality (Tom Cruise, James Franco, Matthew McConaughey), those that develop characters strikingly different (Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman), and of course singers/dancers in musicals. If they are fun to watch on screen, I enjoy all types (even those men who rely mostly on looks, i.e. Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten, Zak Efron.)

  • Johnny Lane

    First, Brent Corrigan is the porn name of Sean Paul Lockhart, the actor in the film you are reviewing – “Truth”. Next, it would be appropriate to use his Twitter handle in the Tweet linking this article. His stage name for his mainstream acting career is Sean Paul Lockhart and on Twitter @SeanPaulLock. Sean has conviction and courage moving out of his comfort zone and working toward a career in mainstream acting that few on this planet posses. Sean was awarded the “2011 Rising Star Award” at Philadelphia QFest, one of the most respected LGBT Film Festivals in the USA. I admire his acting ability and courage to reinvent himself. As someone who works in global public relations, I see nothing but blue sky ahead for Sean.

  • Aaron

    The quality is decent for a gay film (in a commercial aspect) but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to watch. It did a good job of conveying mystery but it’s plot seemed predictable. It feels as if the director was more focused on a polished look to the cinematography and the physical attractiveness of the actors.

    Once in while you get those critically acclaimed gay films with raw energy and knock-out social commentary like “Weekend” by director Andrew Haigh. Now that is a good film you should go out of your way to see.

  • iggy azalea

    I will never understand this kid’s appeal. So bland. Although I guess if taking two Ds up the rump on camera before your 18th don’t put you on the map, nothing will.

  • Rockery



    Their comments were harmless

  • Cam

    @Johnny Lane:

    Lets see, brand new account, never made a comment before comes on and lays out the resume of the actor in the post.

    Try to make it a LITTLE less obvious that you either work for the guy or are having a ridiculous fangurrrrl seizure.

  • Johnny Lane

    Cam – 1 Award = a resume? Do you have a HS diploma or are you just another jaded queen?

  • John

    I respect Mr. Lockhart’s efforts to further his mainstream acting. Would we be as critical if he were not an very popular ex-porn star? Work on Sean, I’m wishing you the best!

  • David

    Good for him. He’s been working hard since the Cobra Video days to rehab himself and his contributions. I won’t join in the bitter troll chorus.

  • Mark

    From the preview it actually looks like it’s a good movie. I’ve seen many movies which have similar plot line featuring straight couples, so it’s nice to see one with a gay couple for a change. It’s always the acting and direction that will determine if a movie is good or not. This little preview is doing it’s function and it’s got me wanting to see the whole movie.

    I just wonder if people are being so hateful because an ex-porn star is one of the featured actors. If so, then shame on their bigotry! I’m looking forward to watching this and only watching it will tell how good the movie really is.

  • tomlinsontny

    @Johnny Lane:

    Mark, I have following Brent’s career as well. I also applaude him for striking out into new and challenging directions. No one is perfect in the beginning in an endeavor. His work as a mainstream actor is continually improving and I wish him all the best as well. Best wishes Sean Paul Lockhart, let the haters hate. You have an enormous fanbase wishing you the Stars.

  • uptownjay

    So much negativity…Sean asked (on FB) for some positivity and light. Being an actor is hard. Being gay can be hard. Being a gay actor is super hard. Being a gay actor, who also had a very successful and infamous porn career, is virtually impossible. Cut the kid some slack!! Best of luck to him, i say!!! So many mean people leave comments. Why so mean?

  • tomlinsontny

    @uptownjay: uptownjay, Well said.

  • KevinG

    @aerogens: I rather liked him in Judas Kiss.

  • yinyangtiger62

    It really doesn’t matter where you get your film start, mainstream or adult films, the key is to keep improving yourself. Sean Paul Lockhart is doing just that, improving with each film. If you don’t like Lockhart for his adult film past, fine, but you have to appreciate his desire & ability to adapt and grow. This movie is a one reason why I watch movies, because the subject matter looks interesting.
    Very interesting reading the comments from people who have never even come close to walking in the shoes of someone like Lockhart yet they still want to tear him down for his continued success. I this is the way they judge others they must live miserable lives.

  • Kenneth

    Go Sean go film looks amazing who cares he was a porn star he a good up coming actor why do people look on the past I am big fan of sean and he isprowed of his porn roots now he looking to the future to do mainstream work all the best sean if some people dont like it well sean is a up and coming actor watch this space

  • John

    Looks like a good film with solid acting by Sean. Sean was also great in Judas Kiss * Big Gay Musical

  • uptownjay

    @tomlinsontny: thanx man…im a fan of positivity.

  • Sites

    I saw Sean’s post on Facebook asking people to post their thoughts. My comments are my honest perspective —

    Caught Sean in Not Another Gay Sequel. The film was terrible, but Sean had amazing screen presence. Basically, he was the only good thing about the film. Again, I thought he was appealing in I Was A Teenage Werebear as well.

    I do think he needs some work as an actor, but screen presence isn’t something they can teach you. Either you have it or you don’t. Sean definitely has “it”.

    I can tell he is working hard to grow as an actor and to tackle a variety of roles, BUT on the other hand, I think he is often miscast. I see Sean more in the Zac Efron vein. That’s not to say he can’t tackle a dramatic part, but it needs to be more in the Charlie St. Cloud vein so that he can show that balance of drama and being a young, appealing actor.

    Going off the trailer alone, I think this role is all wrong for him. I get it. He wants to show range, but at the same time, it strays too far away from what he does best. He has a bright, appealing presence on screen and this part seems like too much of a downer. If there had been more of balance between the two, it could have been an amazing part for him. Maybe there is?!? Who knows? Going off the trailer though, there doesn’t appear to be though and these days, trailers tend to give everything away.

  • oaksong

    For those concerned about whether this film is worth watching, my film festival gave a 3.5 out of 4 points and it was in the running to be showed. Unfortunately we downsized this year and a lot of promising films didn’t make it. I enjoyed the film and felt that Sean gave a very creditable performance.

  • Captain proton

    one good thing about the internet, sometimes the people used to making anonymous biting remarks get to feel what it’s like being bitten back.

    Sean has a solid fan base and he’s turned them loose on Queerty.

    As for the single comment, entire history thing – Have you heard about Wikipedia and Google? it is possible to find stuff about most public figures nowadays with just a few clicks.

  • Dwight

    I really admire Sean’s ambition to leave one context of his life and enter another; even if it be in the same expressive domain. I think for a film; I personally was quite spellbound through the trailer; even if it was largely expected or somewhat “typical” – I had fun watching it; and I think most will. The bigger issue seems to be the lack of support Sean has over taking one leap from “porn acting” into “mainstream acting” – as fellow queers/gays/alliances or whatever….shouldnt we be supporting him rather than bashing his good intentions? I for one…SUPPORT…well done Sean…good luck with your future projects. I am sure they too will increase both in ways that reflect your ambition; and in ways that make our “typical” negative nellies sit back and just enjoy the popcorn…

    Praise be!

  • Rolland

    Well…this young man never gives up and that is something he should be proud of!

  • Jimmie

    I have never seen any of Brent’s porn , so as far as I am concerned he is simply a man trying to act in a film, and doing a fantastic job at it. As a 45 year old Gay Man I am so looking forward to this movie to come out. I will be watching it.Buying it owning it and viewing it til it wears out. Thank you Brent Corrigan for a drama/thriller for The rainbow community> Keep up the good work.

  • Truth Addict

    I really like the progression in his work. The guy has talent and it shows. I’ve read that he has a couple different projects in the works. I am excited to see all of them.

  • Derek Williams

    I adore Sean Lockhart / Brent Corrigan and I love his work even more.

    Come on all you haters, bitchslap me!

  • Wilfrid-Mathieu

    I think that acting is a job, like wathever other job, and Brent seems to be good at what he is doing. I don’t care how he start to do his acting, because he was good there too, he likes to play with cameras, and i think that is what it takes to make a good actor, not to be affraid of beeing infront of the camera, what ever you are acting.
    There was a time where black peoples couldn’t play baseball, but they were good and now they’re playing, there was a time when actor begins with some subjects on their movies and now they’re… acting, that’s it…
    I’m sorry for my English because i’m french from Québec, but i think that Brent is good on what he likes…

  • Mike

    I’ve never seen any of Sean Paul Lockhart’s porn movies. In fact, I’ve never seen him at all before I saw TRUTH. And I thought he did fine. In fact, I kinda wanted to slap the crap out of his character, which definitely means he did a solid job of portraying a psychopath. I similarly wanted to slap the Japanese girl in AUDITION, and those two guys in FUNNY GAMES. I will add that I’ve only seen the movie once, and I’ll ONLY see it once — because the second half is a tad too disturbing for repeat viewings, for me anyway.

  • Aaron

    @Truth Addict:

    Your username is Truth Addict? Let’s be honest, you’re trolling.

    Is it possible to see “Truth” as a subpar film with subpar acting and not be called on bias for disliking Sean Paul Lockhart for his previous work in adult films? The act of trying ‘really hard’ to prove yourself as a mainstream actor does not sell a movie nor does it make it good. It just has to be good. Period.

  • ChicagoTimo

    Sean Paul Lockhart (a.k.a. Brent Corrigan) should be applauded for his creative efforts, no matter what genre. The trailer looks good to me (and I’m a retired visual artist). I hope I get to see TRUTH soon.

  • Vegas Tearoom

    I like Corrigan/Lockheart’s movies. I am also a fan of gay film and find some cringe worthy performances in otherwise good gay flicks worthy of their own kind of tribute. For instance, in East Side Story, with the yummy Steve Callahan, there is a career ending performance by Cory Schneider that should be seen by every wannabe HS actor. There is a fabulousness in acting that badly, It’s a train wreck quality that amuses me.

  • Vegas Tearoom

    Also, Brent/Sean, looks like a young David Tennant.

  • Darreyl102

    I actually really like him and will probably see this when it comes out. I think it is hard for a lot of people to take a porn star seriously. I mean, it’s hard to look at someone the same after you have seen them in such intimate detail and soo extreme in the past. It’s a pretty hard thing he is doing to try to be an actually legitimate actor when to most of us; he will always be known for three things: 1. His dick, 2. His ass, 3. and the Star on said Ass. I wish him the best.

  • Cam

    Honestly, all these fake posts by his fans who have been told to come here (Easy to spot because they all have scree names that have only made one or two total comments) Actually make me not want to see the movie.

    It was the same as when the Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken fans would come in here. Those guys might have been fine but their fans were so irritating that they made most of us on here never want to ever hear those guys again.

  • Mike

    It’s weird. I could’ve sworn I commented on at least four-dozen Queerty articles by now. But it says I’ve only posted once. Perhaps my Facebook log-in and a regular log-in got confused. Anyway, I think it says a lot about Sean Patrick what’s-his-face’s fans that they only posted here once, but all the guys who hate him have upward of 500 posts. I guess we know who’s spending their free time wisely. I normally wouldn’t even engage in confrontational rhetoric with the gay-celeb-obsessed, except that … Well, except nothing. I don’t even know why I’m here. Except that I actually saw the movie. I didn’t just watch the trailer, and then crack my knuckles in anticipation before bashing the guy because he didn’t respond to some porny fan letter I wrote him years ago. To anyone who actually leaves the house and frequents film fests to support gay and/or independent cinema, I salute you. And to anyone else who actually stuck to topic and commented on the trailer or the film in general, I salute you even more. And to the rest who just mewled and pouted because they stereotypically hate kids in their 20’s, I guess… well… Your life is your own punishment.

  • FitChicago

    Now you listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch, let me lay it on the line for you and your boss, whoever he is; Johnny Fontane will never get that movie! I don’t care how many dago guinea wop greaseball goombahs come out of the woodwork!

  • Bob LaBlah

    I love all of your porn and wish you the best in your future endeavors. He is a thought…………..why not sit down and write a few scenarios involving a young kid, exploitation, religion, and a know-it-all who has it all planned but ends up on the losing end.

    At some time or other we all have to look back at our past life experiences and wonder if just one of two of those experiences were penned……well, who knows…..YOU just might have a block-buster of a hit on your hands.

    Please don’t think I am suggesting that in sarcasm. I think you have an interesting story to tell about those who THOUGHT you were just an ass to fuck and too stupid to see what was going on around you. You have showed them that there is a lot more to you than just sex. Hang in there kid. And again, good luck now and in the future.

  • iggy azalea


    Jealous? Of what? His acting skills? He’s no Dane Dehaan. His looks? He’s no Staxus model.

  • Cam

    @Mike: saod///

    “I think it says a lot about Sean Patrick what’s-his-face’s fans that they only posted here once, but all the guys who hate him have upward of 500 posts. I guess we know who’s spending their free time wisely.

    1. Yes, always funny when the crazy fans pretend not to know who the person is. Yes, you came on here to read the post, you read the post, the post is right there, but gee….you just can’t seem to get the name right. Yeah, nice try.

    2. No, what the difference in the number of posts says is that the rest of us have lots of comments and discussion on politics, entertainment, social, civil rights, etc… news, and you apparently are only interested in discussing a somewhat known porn actor that you are apparently obsessed with.

    3. Lastly, trying to claim that somebody who makes a comment on acting skills is jealous merely means that you have no valid defense so have chosen to act like a 5 year old.

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