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Watch: Coming Out To Your Dad Still Awkward At McDonald’s

We’ve already seen McDonald’s father-son “Come As You Are” ad in France take the parody trip to Iran with new subtitles, but let’s reshoot the whole thing with new characters and a disturbingly frank comparison of burgers and fries to gay sex.

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  • kernelt

    one absolute favorite ad… LoL

  • Fry

    Funny how they’re eating at Quick instead of McDonald’s

  • daftpunkydavid

    @Fry: that’s the whole point of the ad lol

  • Fry

    @daftpunkydavid: whoops facepalm on my side.. lol

  • Kieran

    These are the kind of ads that might actually help thousands of gay American teens feel comfortable about coming out to their families without shame. Which is exactly why you’ll NEVER EVER EVER see these kind of ads on American corporate TV. What teens will be allowed to see in America are comedies starring Jim Carrey as a nutty, wacko, criminal representative of gay men.

  • Adrian

    I love this parody. it works on so many levels

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