WATCH: CrossFit Hotties Pick Their Favorite Workouts

We popped by Brick fitness in West Hollywood last weekend for the inaugural OutWOD Games, a workout-of-the-day competition for LGBT CrossFitters.

Our pal Scott Flanary organized the hugely successful event, which raised a thousand bucks for L.A.’s Gay & Lesbian Center, and we were totally there to support him (and to ogle the muscle men). And ogle we did, because good grief, these bodies are hot.

So we wanted to know: what’s your favorite CrossFit exercise?

ally and rachel

Ally and Rachel like Cindies (10 minutes, 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats, as many rounds as you can) and Barbaras (20 Pullups 30 Pushups 40 Situps 50 Squats 3 min rest between each of 5 rounds). Good lord.



Oh, just hauling ass with a buddy on my back, NBD.

drew and sam

Drew and Sam like thrusters and deep squats.



grace and terrance

Grace and Terrance aren’t above showing off with a headstand pullup.


john and john

This pair of Johns likes ring dipping.



These are his actual legs you guys. HIS ACTUAL LEGS.

* dies *

scott david mike roger

Here are Scott, David, Mike, and Roger. They like buddy carries, which is fine but doesn’t explain how they all have absolutely flawless smiles.



This is serious business.

tessie ian

Trainers Tessie and Ian love each and every drop of sweat.


The winners! Hooray.

A separate LA CrossFit gym was embroiled in some controversy a year ago, essentially for being colossal assholes, so it’s nice to see other athletes stepping up to do good.