WATCH: Do You Want To Smell Like Teen Spirit Madonna?

Joining the likes of lesser divas like Britney Spears and Beyoncé, Madonna has launched her own perfume, Truth or Dare.

It’s described as a “sexy reinvention of a classic, robust signature white floral,” with “the unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla.”

Not surprisingly, the queen of media manipulation has manufactured a mini-scandal to accompany the scent’s release. As NewNowNext reports:

ABC, however, seemed to betruly bothered by the ad and has asked for certain edits to be made. While the network taking offense to a little too much sex is a little strange considering the sort of stuff displayed on TV every day, what’s even more perplexing is the fact that Madonna, having recreated herself so many times in her career, seems to be stuck in this phase of bland ideas.

The clip does seem like deleted scenes from the “Erotica” video, with some Elizabeth Taylor-White Diamonds gimmickry to make her look young as springtime.

Source: NewNowNext