WATCH: Drag Rapper Mykki Blanco Is Gettin’ “Wavvy”

Queer hip-hop performer Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. has a bit of a personality disorder: The New York-based artist-poet started out dropping beats as the homo-thug rapper No Fear, but has developed a new drag persona, Mykki Blanco, whose infectious new track, “Wavvy” has been burning up the Internets.

Though he’s been touted as part of a rising wave of gay rappers, Quattlebaum, 25, tells the New York Times he prefers to think of Blanco as “a mixture of riot grrrl and ghetto fabulousness.”
Citing influences from Lauryn Hill and  Kathleen Hanna to Jean Cocteau and Anaïs Nin, he says he’s using hip-hop as a performance medium. Doing drag, he says, makes him feel pretty. “And when you start to feel pretty: oh, boy, look out.”