WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Questions Effectiveness Of Gaydar

Ellen DeGeneres is raising an eyebrow at a study suggesting gaydar is only 60% effective. After reminding her audience to keep their gaydar on “silent” during the show, the queen of daytime talk observed that, “60% is nothing to be proud of. Sixty percent of the time I know which Olson twin I’m talking to.”

The study itself is actually not all that new—it first popped up this summer in the journal PLoS ONE.

And the important question isn’t how accurate our gaydar is; it’s why our gaydar works at all. The PLoS ONE study suggests certain facial features, like mouths, play an important part in predicting a person’s sexuality. But it also revealed that the distance between different facial features (the space between the eyes, for example) is also a factor.

Ellen, of course, doesn’t feel the need to label people. Just her lunch.