WATCH: ESPN Airs Gay Kiss Between Champion Bowler And His Husband

Openly gay bowler Scott Norton won his second title at the World Series of Bowling Chameleon Championship, which aired on ESPN on December 30.

You don’t have to be a bowling fan to be touched by Norton’s tear-filled victory, and the hug and kiss between Norton and his husband, Craig Woodward, in the clip above.  For all the butt-slapping and hugging that goes on in pro sports, this could very well be the first time ESPN has aired a genuine kiss between a same-sex couple.

h/t: Daniel S.

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  • lego606

    Disney also just recently aired a commercial about someone with two moms on Disney Channel. They’re making a lot of progress.

  • JDJase

    @lego606: Queerty already did an article about that Disney commercial, except Queerty was whining that it wasn’t gay enough.

  • Kieran

    Give us a break. Even women bowlers don’t bawl like that when they win a title. Way to reinforce stereotypes.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I am amazed, astonished, and extremely happy for, and proud of, Scott Norton! AND his husband!!! Times are indeed changing!

  • yaoming

    They identified the other guy’s family, but not Norton’s husband… unless I missed something.

  • mlbumiller

    @Kieran: You give us a break.

    Norton, the 2010-11 PBA Rookie of the Year, became the PBA’s first left-handed title winner …The Costa Mesa, Calif., resident won his second PBA Tour title by throwing three pressure-packed strikes in the 10th frame after Belmonte, the top qualifier, missed an opportunity to lock him out when he failed to strike on his first shot in the 10th frame.

    To find out what happens most often, the Journal reviewed the tape of 129 gold-medal winners from the London Games. About 16% of them cried at some point during the ceremony. Another 16% either bit or kissed their medal on the podium, while 44% sang along with their anthem—sometimes through a stream of tears. Women cry more than men—25% compared to 8%—but many of the men who did cry seriously lost it…

    Derrick Rose breaking down while he discusses his rehabilitation. It’s actually really touching to see the Chicago Bulls star become so affected by everything he’s gone through:… Wayne Gretzky talking and sobbing about his trade to the LA Kings. Poor guy. Wow, I guess it goes to show that even hockey players cry… LaDainian Tomlinson getting cut by the San Diego Charges was an emotional time for him, which he clearly demonstrates during this heartfelt press conference… Mike Schmidt announces his retirement after 17 years of playing baseball. Can definitely feel the love he has for playing this game…

  • Cam


    Are you joking? Look at the medal ceremonies at the olympics and tell me that male atheletes don’t cry.

    Sidenote, ESPN also refered to Woodword as his husband and spouse at different times. Nice to hear.

  • bangaboomerang

    @Kieran: @Kieran: the commentator mentions that he has been working on the mental approach to the game. maybe he is extra happy that his efforts paid off. (re: why he was emotional)

  • LaTeesha

    @Kieran: Way to reinforce stereotypes that men don’t cry. I haven’t read anything as stupid as your comment since Germany opted for hydrogen.

  • Brian

    The irony of all this is that men have kissed each other many times in soccer, the NBA and the NFL but not for the same underlying reason as the bowler in this article.

  • Rockery

    Its nice to see from the comments he was mentioned as his husband although not in this video

    Everyone get off of Kieran’s back because you knwo you were thinking it too, lots of sports males cry, its fine for anyone to cry tears of joy but he just took it to the next level of drama. Pull it together girl

  • gppm1103

    @Rockery: No, he doesn’t get a free pass to bitch about a guy crying for winning. Norton defied stereotype. Uh…that would make him human, and – oh yes, the winner!


    from Fort Lauderdale.

  • tidalpool

    ‘big grin’ sure looked like a couple to me! Cheers guys, another moment for our history book!

  • Alan down in Florida

    I was not aware of Scott Norton prior to this broadcast which I surfed into while bored. At one point before the victory the announcer acknowledged Scott’s family including his spouse. I immediately thought that if he had a wife they would have said his wife so I stayed tuned in to see if I was right and after the win came the kiss and I was smiling broadly. Professional Bowling is not a stereotypical gay sport so bravo to him for being out especially since his mother was a bowling champion so the people in the sport watched him grow up and he could easily have kept it hidden. More power to him and his husband.

  • hf2hvit

    @Kieran: So you want to enforce a stereotype that only women cry?!?

  • FStratford


    F off. Some stereotypes are based on truth and the truth is some of our gay brethren are emotional types. Its NOT wrong to have tears of joy, especially if you won a world title!

    I would. Heck I think the title comes with tens of thousands of dollars too, so yeah, I would cry diredctly to the bank.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Smart people cry – gay, bi, straight, male, female, trans. It releases stress. Those who don’t cry just hold it in, grow fat, and die of massive heart attacks smothered in blubber.

  • Spike

    God hates str8t bowlers.

    Who was the guy in the blue shirt that he was kissing? His brother? The complete lack of mention of who he was by the ESPN commentators pretty much invalidated the whole thing. Had the str8t guy one and his wife came running up to kiss him, you better believe they would have had her name and referenced exactly who she was.

    With that said, FIERCE pink bowling shirt, I want one !!!

  • Cam

    Also, look what happened.

    This is a great story about a typically macho network dealing in sports showing a kiss between gay spouses and the whole conversation got derailed to talk about whether he should have cried or not.

    AGain, nice work ESPN, thanks!

  • DanteL

    @Spike: Um….FAIL. You should maybe watch the whole program before commenting…I actually did watch the whole thing (I’m into bowling) and the commentators did, indeed, say the word “husband” a few times as the camera panned into the audience to show Craig sitting there, looking like a nervous wreck.
    @Kieran: Clearly you don’t watch bowling…or sports for that matter. Female bowlers cry all the time when they win big as do straight bowlers as do straight athletes across sports…see the doozy of a list from the Olympics and any Super Bowl. Sometimes I wonder if people think before they comment.

  • Cee

    What a drama queen.

  • Acep

    whatever, Disney totally planned this…I still want my damn soaps back Disney.

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