Gay Adult Film Star Offers Justin Bieber $2 Million For Sex Scene

johnny rapid ASFRWill Justin Bieber accept this offer from to do perform in a gay adult flick for $2 million? Not in a million years, Still, a boy can dream.

Spurred by Justin’s recent Calvin Klein photos, performer (and young-Cory-Feldman-lookalike) Johnny Rapid invited the young twink to shoot a scene. “It’ll be easy,” he promised. “I’ll do most of the work.”

Ha ha. Justin Bieber is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And while that almost certainly won’t last (and frankly we’re surprised he’s still even a thing), he’s probably not looking to bolster his income by bottoming, at least for a man and on film. Most of his humongous fan base would probably be secretly thrilled by explicit anal sex, but we’re going out on a limb to predict that’s millions will remain unclaimed.

That’s a real shame, because it would be a sight to behold. It would also be nice to see the real Justin in action, and not the body-shamed photoshopped version that Calvin Klein doctored for their ads.

In case you haven’t heard, after Bieber’s photos were released, someone leaked the original un-retouched versions that revealed smaller muscles, a smaller package, and a photographer who doesn’t seem to know how to properly light a portrait. We don’t know who ordered the retouching — was it the singer? The underwear company? Mutual agreement between the two? — but it just perpetuates the sort of body dysmorphia that makes guys feel like their bodies are not up to par.

Seeing an unretouched Bieber, gleefully enjoying Johnny’s Rapid’s vigorous attention, would be a nice reminder that you can be sexy without Photoshop.

But to be honest, Johnny Rapid (star of Intrusive Instructor, Scouts Part 4 and Service My Room) doesn’t need any help from Justin Bieber with his career. He’s doing just fine without getting tangled in a celebrity sex tape.

He seems to have a good head on his shoulders — getting mixed up with that Bieber kid would only mean trouble.