WATCH: Gay Iraqi Man Describes Being Blackmailed By Ex, Raped In Prison

The recent flareup in killings of nearly 60 gays and emos in Iraq has motivated the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) to share this video and a number more on their YouTube channel.

Above, we hear the story of Ahmed, who has been escorted to safety in the United States by IRAP. In Iraq, he quietly dated a man for four years, but the relationship ended after the boyfriend was asking for too much money all the time.

The scorned ex blackmailed him by delivering pictures of them embracing (right) to Ahmed’s anti-gay uncles. After he fled to another country, he thought he was safe until the religious police came and arrested him while he was buying perfume. In jail, he tells the heartbreaking story of how he was raped by a police officer who he thought was a friend.

Not all folks are as lucky as Ahmed, who bought himself out of jail before being prosecuted. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate to IRAP, please do. If not, tell a friend who is, or just raise awareness of the cause.