WATCH: Sh*t Girls Say Is Totally Sh*t Gays Say

The new Web series Sh*t Girls Say is, like, so totally spot on. It captures the unique language of the young American woman in a way that’s both humorously sarcastic and warmly appreciative. Seriously, can you imagine a show called Sh*t Straight Guys Say? It’d be like three seconds long. (Cuz guys don’t communicate—get it?)

Of course you can just close your eyes and imagine Toronto comic Graydon Sheppard (the dude in drag) is playing a gay guy. Because we haven’t just heard other homos utter all these phrases—we’ve said most of them ourselves!

P.S.: Yes, that is Juliette Lewis popping up about halfway through. Hey girl!

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  • Franco

    It’s very funny, and true!

  • Anytime

    I suppose in a rancidly stereotypical way. A lot of gay men are NOT like this. Although, I must confess: I loathe the way in which American women have all begun to aspire to that sort of nasally, petulant whine that was once the sole domain of 14 year olds and Rachael Zoe. They cannot articulate themselves intelligently nor can they say much without seeming to be shrouded in a perpetual fart cloud (they’re always scrunching up their noses as if they smelled something horrible).

  • knuckleball

    @Anytime: I love that, in just one paragraph, you’ve managed to complain about lumping all gay men into one homogenous group… and then lump all American women into one homogenous group. Really – bravo.

  • LandStander

    @Anytime: Speaking of rancid stereotypical portrayals….You seem pretty good at spewing them yourself. You defend the fact that not all gay men are like this, then claim all American women are whiny and inarticulate.

    The next time you have a thought…let it go. :-)

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