WATCH: Homophobe Has Epic Bus Meltdown Over Gay Marriage In Illinois

On Tuesday, Illinois became the fifteenth state to legalize same-sex marriage, but not everyone is celebrating. Yesterday, a video surfaced of a Chicago bus passenger losing his goddamn mind about marriage equality.

It’s not entirely clear what instigated the tirade. Rocky Quinones, who runs the Gifted Souls Dance Company in Chicago, quietly snapped the footage and posted it to his Youtube account.

It appears that the unidentified homophobe Quinones filmed was having an argument with a woman on the bus. The video starts with him saying, “You would’ve been able to marry a young boy, rape him in the ass, and then burn him. That’s John Wayne Gacy. And then if you want to talk about Jeffrey Dahmer, he would’ve married the (unclear), fucked him in the ass, and then burned his ass and then ate his ass.”

Say what you will, but the man knows his serial killers.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a religious tenor to the man’s diatribe, as he calls one of his fellow passengers a “Satan-worshipping low life” before telling her to “suck a dick” and “put that rotten pussy juices (sic) all over your face.” He finishes by calling out her adult acne and asking if she’s ever heard of syphilis. For a heterosexual, he sure throws shade like a queen.

The rest of the video is an interesting if sad diversion. He compares gays to rapists and pedophiles. He refuses to exit the bus and yells, “I ain’t gonna go to jail!” And when another passenger tries to reason with him, he says, “Yeah, you can suck a dick too.”

On the one hand, it’s fun to watch people freak out in public. On the other, this man appears to be intoxicated and/or mentally ill. Whatever is wrong with him, we’ll pray for him whenever we can find time away from sucking dicks.