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  • David

    Ugh bears can be so cliquey and don’t know the first thing about actually being masculine.

  • ChrisSF

    I’d say what David is saying about bears to be true. A lot of them are very cliquey and so is the bear “scene” and LOL they claim that they’re masculine but then they open up their mouths and it’s all “MAAAAAAAAAARY!” or “Guuuuurl!” and they’re camp as hell and flowers of velour pop out of their mouths.

  • Rob

    I’m very hairy. I like other hairy men and I like dance music but this song was really bad. It’s not even something I’d play as a joke for other bisexual and gay male friends of mine who also are hairy and like hairy men.

  • Alex

    My friend is into bears and I asked him why. He responded he likes his men to be men. I had to explain poor diet and exercise and little to no personal hygiene doesn’t make a man. The choices he makes and that hes there when you need him do. Anyone can be hairy and big if they want that makes them a bear not a man.

  • Bipolar Bear

    Don’t know what bears you guys have been hanging out with – maybe there’s less cliqueyness on this side of the equator. These are some of my mates:

    And I can assure you that none of them have poor personal hygiene, diet or exercise. Just cos you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be fit.

  • HOward MOody

    I am thrilled that my fun song about the love of my life has inspired such a discussion. Gay people (hairy or not) need to inspire each other. Have a woofy day! -HOward MOody (HoMo)

  • John

    OMG! This is hysterical.. I found HoMo on YouTube a couple years ago. He has lots of vids on current gay issues. His vid on Don’t ask don’t tell, was out way before the debate to end that idiotic policy. Go HoMo! This is another funny and sexy vid. For all the haters, pull your head out of the fur, and realize we all can be sexy… Bears too!

  • Stark

    @David: Ugh! You are so right! They can be so cliquey! And the worst part is that they’re the ONLY cliquey gay subculture!

  • Mike

    damn this song sucked! I agree that bears are very cliquey and they love to bash twinks and androgynous men who may be feminine but then again bears are not that masculine and are actually very feminine despite what they think.

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