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WATCH: Interracial Gay Action Hero Flick “Hot Guys with Guns”

Hot Guys with Guns box art

Regular Queerty readers will recall the hubbub last October when out Hollywood director Lee Daniels announced he would be producing an interracial gay action hero flick. There’s been no further word on the project since, but director Doug Spearman is way ahead of him with his new movie, Hot Guys with Guns.

Revolving around a robbery at a Hollywood gay sex party, this comedic beefcake detective story is the directorial debut of Spearman (best known for his role as Chance on the Logo series Noah’s Arc). The titular hot guys — Marc Samuel and Brian McArdle — co-star as the crime-solving duo who are thrown together to investigate the case. Adding an extra layer of fun to the story, they also happen to be ex-boyfriends. The film’s glowing Variety review calls them “a sort of West Hollywood Nick and Nora Charles!”

Out now on digital (and coming to DVD May 6th), Hot Guys with Guns is this week’s Movie of the Week. Watch the trailer above and then rent or download it directly from and other fine digital platforms now.

Hot Guys with Guns 2

Hot Guys with Guns 1

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