WATCH: Italian LGBT Group Launchs Bella Marriage-Equality Video

It could be a long time before same-sex nuptials are magnifico in Italy, but LGBT nonprofit Arcigay has launched “Ti sposerò” (“I’ll Marry You”), a cute and sexy video promoting marriage equality in the European country.

In the video, two gay men are seen sharing their lives, joining in a rally and, eventually, tying the knot. At their wedding reception, a pair of lesbians gets engaged. (Don’t you hate it when your friends upstage you?)

Legislation legalizing civil unions has been introduced into the Italian Parliament several times, but the highly Catholic nation doesn’t currently legally recognize same-sex relationships in any way. Pope Benedict XVI, who sits pretty in Rome, has called gay marriage “a threat to the future of humanity itself.” Of course, he’s not exactly an expert on marriage. (Or humanity, for that matter.)

By the by, if you’re digging the song in the video, it’s by Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini and it’s also called “”I’ll Marry You.”

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  • Mark

    my boyfriends’ kids just asked when their dad and I are going to get married…made me so very happy they feel we’re family.

  • Bliss

    @Mark: Congrats to the harmony of your new family..

    follow your bliss :)<3

  • Bliss

    @Mark: :) <3

  • Expat - Queer Supremacist

    @Mark – Congrats ! I look forward to the day my partner and I will get married :-)

    It’s extremely heartening to see our Italian brothers and sisters making progress !

  • soakman

    Ditto to the above sentiments, and congrats!

    But did anyone else notice that they all look like grown-up indie kids? :P

    Probably just the style of the friends/core group who made the video but I thought it was funny. Maybe it’s just me though. Or maybe it just looked that way because it was cold so they had to wear stylish peacoats/scarves etc.

    Like the video a lot but it made me lol after a while. It was like, “Oh! I know them. My friend has a friend group like them!” It didn’t really make me feel incredibly included. Not to say that it was extremely exclusive either. Just an observation.

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