WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Debuts Video For “Goin’ In”

Now that she’s said “adios” to Idol, Jennifer Lopez can get back to focusing on her music career. (Better that than her film career, right?) The Blessed One has just released the video for her new single with Flo Rida, “Goin’ In,” one of two new tracks off of J-Lo’s greatest-hits album, Dance Again… The Hits.

What do you think: muchos besos or estas enfermo?


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  • Tammy Hey

    What happened to the budget for this video???? It looks SO armature. And she does not hav to flaunt her ass anymore. You can be sexy without being so obvious Jenn… have you not learned that by now yet? Disappointment.

  • IzzyLuna

    I like the 80’s feel of the video. And although I’m a gay man, I LOVE seeing J.Lo’s ass. Werq it, bitch. Props for the crazy space jacket look!

  • Dixie Rect

    Low class, no talent, her seizure like moves are tired. She is a tacky, trashy used up old HO. Its time for her to go back to obscurity.

  • Red Meat

    All you old queens can really just go fuck yourselves. Madonna will never come close to the singing or dancing talent of JLO, I would know, I have seen both live. JLO can sing, Madonna cannot. All JLO’s dance hits are actually good dance songs, not the half-assed pop shit Madonna has been throwing out since Erotica.

  • Luke

    I love that you can see where the puppet strings are on the pink cloak! Is this really new Lopez? Yikes!!!

  • no one

    this song and video would have been a solid hit in 1997.

  • peter

    JLO’s GOIN INs GETTIN IT ON 80s Style… Hot and current… like Madonna, a voice you recognize in an instant, forward fashionista copied by many… like fine wine, gets better over time… the difference between a real star and a one hit wonder, and this gay man’s loves it too! Bravo JLO!

  • Old Cow

    Notice how EVERY single she releases has a “guest appearance” by another more current, younger artist in a desperate attempt to make her look hip with the kids. Please. Lets see her release a single with no guest appearances and watch it tank. No talent hag is too old for this crap.

  • Alejandro

    Why are so many of you so angry? Relax. No need to bring Madge into this. J-Lo has a good voice and the song has a nice dance beat.

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