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  • Kev C

    Justin has a haircut now and is a hardcore rapper who grew up in the hood, boiyyee.

  • Tone

    On behalf of all Canadians, I’m sorry.

  • DJ Veno

    Oh please. . .

  • feleini

    So why is this beiber chick famous again???

  • JohnAGJ

    Well that’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back…

  • Gay Christian

    Why does the world love this lesbian?

  • Zack

    He just seems like a likeable kid

  • Riker

    @Gay Christian: Don’t your Christian values teach you something about not judging other people, or name calling or something?

    Sure,his music is pretty bland and generic, but he seems like a nice and wholesome kid. No reason to be obnoxious about him he’s a singer. Not our enemy.

  • Gay Christian

    He fucked a girl and now claims he’s not the daddy… because he has a lot of money he can pay lawyers to make the girl look like a liar.

    I don’t see what’s so good about that?

  • Riker

    @Gay Christian: How do you know he actually fucked the woman backstage? Were you there? The girl withdrew her lawsuit in hopes of an out-of-court settlement. That strongly implies she doesn’t actually think Bieber is the father, and just wants some money.

    Plus, I think he’s probably one of us anyway. The odds of him fathering a child accidentally backstage are tiny. Even if he was straight, do you really think someone as wealthy as he would not have access to a condom if he needed one?

  • o

    This video sure is telling. It’s almost as telling as what a person like Charles Rozier does when he can’t live anymore. He becomes an attack dog for the white man and he takes quite a bit of pleasure in calling himself an alpha male. However, no matter how loudly he barks, he’s still just a dog, with control over other dogs. He’s not a human being like you are, Henry, with control over other human beings.

  • Henry

    @Gay Christian: there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Christianity is sheer hatred against gay people. Christianity is an evil religion, and not even actually a religion, because Protestant Christianity, at least, has no symbols and no rituals, and almost no beliefs. What is Calvinism, for example? Simply Judaism with an even more obsessive focus on genetics. Its actual belief content is very unclear. However, if it’s simply Judaism, as I just remarked, why isn’t it Jewish? Why, that’s because it’s anti-Semitic. It’s Jewish but it’s not really Jewish. It’s like those kosher pork businesses which specialize in making fakes. This is all psychological, a matter for the psychoanalysts to handle.

  • phallus

    Justin Bieber makes grown men throw up without even being drunk.

  • o

    @Henry: I’m not sure I understand you, Henry. In what sense is Calvinism simply Judaism? Oh, I see. You’re referring to Jewish stories like the one about Pharaoh’s heart being hardened. This story comes close to expressing a point of view about genetics. Of course, it has its cosmological purpose, which Protestants deny when they read the Bible because they can’t function with any sort of cosmology: they think it’s a lie. In any case, I think your point has to do with the message the story sends, and how a story like that typifies the Jewish focus on predetermined outcomes. Yes, that’s an incipient Calvinism, isn’t it?

  • o

    @Henry: I suspect that a person like Charles Rozier who becomes a Calvinist is laying his cards out pretty clearly as to where the gaps in his brain are: what he does and doesn’t understand about the world and about himself. Then, of course, he foams at the mouth when you begin to show him where he’s wrong, because it’s too damaging to his pride for him to know that, and particularly for him to be corrected by someone so much younger than him. A dog has no training to understand the higher things. When its trainer gives it a look only a human could know the meaning of, it looks confused. You can see this on the faces of some dogs. Since it’s confused, and angry at its confusion, all it can do is foam at the mouth. This must be what you meant the other day when you talked about raising others up to your level, when you really meant raising animals up to your level. It’s not easy to make people into human beings, is it?

  • christopher di spirito

    @Gay Christian: You assume; 1.) Beiber is culpable and 2.) his accuser is telling the truth.

    Without knowing the facts (such as DNA testing), what gives you such certitude?

  • Meowzer

    I find this commercial insulting basically because it’s all these macho men screaming like little girls. Like they’re all secretly gay and they just can’t contain their “Beiber Fever”. Now, if they would have thrown in a couple middle aged/older women in the mix, OK. But I feel this commercial is insinuates all these men are “girly” and just dying for a scrawny little white boy rapper wanna be.

  • jason

    I think a lot of the attacks on Bieber are homophobic. They often contain homophobic slurs and refer to him as female. In my view, this reflects both a homophobia and a sexism. It’s beyond sad to see gay men – usually the self-hating ones – engaging in these homophobic attacks.

    If Bieber were a female, you would be nowhere near as harsh. Despite the propenderance of female singers who use AutoTune or mime, you fail to criticize them. In fact, as a community, gay men tend to support these types of females. Think Britney, for instance.

    Gay men need to stop being so morally inconsistent.

  • Aunt Sharon

    @Meowzer: I humbly disagree. I think di Spirito got it right: it’s a riot. What it shows is Justin Bieber trying to move beyond his teenie-bopper image, and sending it up in the process. Notice that the moppet haircut is gone, the clothes are toned down, and he’s clearly nonplussed by the squeals of the guys around him. It’s not showing the girliness of the men, but the absurdity of their reactions. I think he can safely do this without leaving his tween fans behind: These girls and their parents’ dollars can still be counted on.

    Besides this, he’s not a rapper wannabe, but a pop singer protege of Usher, also a singer, not a rapper.

  • EK

    @Riker: actually, according to the people who have worked with him, he’s a major brat

  • EK

    oops that was for gaychristian, my bad or computers bad or something don’t really know where that when wrong

  • CBRad

    @EK: LOL. I’ve read he’s reported to be a total brat too. But others have figured he’s really no worse than other boys his age (the natural malcontent age), just that he’s so in the public eye so it seems worse.

  • Cary Hartline

    It’s not like this is any of his own music and might not be his own personality. He was hand-picked by luck out of a video on Youtube of him singing at a singing contest that was meant for his parents. The producers and everyone else around him had a say for his music and everything so that they could form his identity into a money-making machine for them. I feel bad for him because he is pretty much just going with the flow to all these writers and such and people are hating him personally for what the people around him are making him to be.

  • Ian

    @jason: Jason, I’m with you regarding lots of the comments about Justin B. Comments like “why do people like this lesbian?”, for example, sound homophobic and sexist.

  • damendo

    @jason: @Ian: I am with Jason and Ian on this one. Alot of times, it seems that the most homophobic comments are made in fact by us gay men, and women. What is it, just because we are gay, we have a free pass to make these hateful comments ourselves. I thought we were trying to move forward. As far as Justin B goes, he may not be the most talented singer out there, but he and his management definitely have marketed him well in these last 2 years. Oh yeah, who is the first person to bring him to the US public? Ellen! I cannot recall a time that he has has one bad thing to say about the gay community….

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