WATCH: The Guys Of Kazaky Kick Off Their Heels For “Last Night”

The shirt-averse, heel-loving Ukrainian pop/dance troupe Kazaky has grand jeté’d their way back onto the scene with their latest, “Last Night.” The song is the first written by the group, which has previously back-up-danced for Madonna in her “Girl Gone Wild” video.

“Last Night” features a ton of male flesh but nary a stiletto, much to our chagrin. Instead, the video’s apparently an “abstract expression of love and passion” meets “an artistic expression of illusions and vain expectations.” Looks like unseen excerpts from 300 to us, but whatevs, there’s still plenty of abs-tacular dancing.

Meanwhile, Kazay’s debut album (and not an MTV mini-series), The Hills Chronicles, will be released October 22.