WATCH: Kidz Bop Defangs “Born This Way”


If you’re not young enough to know what Kidz Bop is, it’s basically a brain-frying series of CDs and videos featuring whitebread kids singing contemporary pop songs for little rugrats to sing along to.

That’s not so easy when you consider how many songs these days aren’t exactly kid-friendly.

Which is why is it was surprising to see that they’d done a cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Born this Way.” Not that we think the little pipsqueaks shouldn’t hear Mother Monster’s message of inclusion and positivity—we absolutely do.

We just didn’t think Kidz Bop producers would go for lyrics about cholas, queens and “transgendered life.”

And we were right!

As the clip above shows, most anything remotely questionable is either changed or skipped, the latter including all references to the LGBT community or ethnicity. (And damn if they don’t sing the song in the flattest key possible. Seriously, get some kids who can sing!)

Of course, “capital H-I-M” gets to stay—Jeebus is all about the kiddies.

Ugh, we’d rather hear The Chipettes singing “Rolling in the Deep”

Source: Unicorn Booty