Watch Latrice Royale's 'Weight' Music Video Plus B. Ames' Remix

Latrice Royale Weight Music Video

Miss chunky-yet-funky, large-and-in-charge LAAAATRIIIIIICE Royale has debuted her new music video ‘Weight’ on YouTube. The music video features some hilarious lyrics, including “Hold up, wait a minute, let me put my fork in it!” and “I’ll make them eat, then I’ll eat it myself!” Plus, there’s a sickening rap breakdown from Epiphany Mattel, which includes this hilarious line: “It’s the Royal Food Network and you just got chopped.” Check out the new video below, along with a remixed version from B. Ames.

Here’s what Latrice shared on Facebook when she debuted the video:

[quote]The “Weight” is over, babies!!! My brand spankin’ new music video is finally ready. Please indulge. #availableonitunes Major thanks to my producer and editor Michaelangelo Cosculluela and my niece Epiphany Mattel for adding her amazing talent to this project!!! #Weight #Sickening #EatIt”[/quote]

WEIGHT Latrice Royale feat. Epiphany Mattel (Lomlplex Drive Thru Remix)

Weight (B. Ames Remix) [Feat. Epiphany Mattel] | Latrice Royale

All photos sourced from Latrice Royale’s Facebook page.