Holidays are coming

WATCH: Lil Nas X becomes Santa Claus for new ‘Holiday’ single

Lil Nas X in the 'Holiday' video
Lil Nas X in the ‘Holiday’ video (Photo: YouTube)

Lil Nas X has finally treated fans to some new material. After the huge success of ‘Old Town Road’ in early 2019 (the longest-running number one on the Billboard Hot 100), and his 7 EP, which featured follow-up tracks ‘Panini’ and ‘Rodeo’, new track ‘Holiday’ is a festive-themed offering.

The song and big-budget video – directed by Gibson Hazard – were released this morning. Set on Christmas Eve, 2220, it finds Lil Nas X as Santa Claus, riding a sled pulled by robot reindeer.

The video was preceded earlier in the week by a short trailer, featuring a cameo from Back To The Future’s Michael J. Fox.

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Lil Nas X, who came out publicly as gay in early 2019, while ‘Old Town Road’ was at number one, has spent much of 2020 working on a follow-up material.

He’s teased fans with odd snippets of tracks he’s working on, with one – ‘Call My By Your Name’ – already proving a fan favorite. Many expected it to be his next single. However, on an Instagram Live video last night, Lil Nas X revealed ‘Call Me By Your Name’ will be his next release.