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WATCH: The locker room gets steamy in this gay romantic rugby drama

Screenshot: In From The Side, Verve Pictures

“I think I’m going to be walking funny for a few days after that.”

The trailer for gay romance In From The Side opens with that line, and—hey, get your mind out of the gutter! He’s talking about rugby!

Joking aside, we finally have a lovely first look at filmmaker Matt Carter’s In From The Side, a celebrated British indie about two rugby players who fall for each other hard. The feature’s been scoring fans while playing the queer film festival circuit, and Verve Pictures is now sharing an official teaser clip ahead of its fall release date in the U.K.

In a fictional South London gay rugby club, we meet Mark (Alexander Lincoln), a newer club member, and Warren (Alexander King), a seasoned player who’s highly respected among his team. After an unexpected drunken encounter, Mark and Warren find themselves caught up in a heated romance. The issue? Neither of them are single.

Screenshot: In From The Side, Verve Pictures

Mark’s unhappily partnered with an emotionally unavailable older man, while Warren’s in a committed relationship with one of his teammates. But, in each other, they’ve found a real spark—a place where they truly feel seen. Against their better judgment, they continue on with the affair, leading to unforeseen consequences within their cash-strapped rugby club.

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As a gay sports movie, In From The Side has plenty to look at: strapping, bearded men hanging out—mostly in locker rooms. But it also offers a peek into a world we seldom see on screen.

“I’ve been involved in inclusive rugby for eight years as both a player, coach and referee,” shares writer-director Matt Carter. “Rugby has a rich and extensive culture that has been under-explored on film. I therefore felt deeply that I wanted to bring this to a wider audience and raise the profile and public knowledge of the existence of ‘inclusive’ sports clubs.”

And by focusing on the camaraderie among teammates, Carter’s film becomes a testament to the power of community. As one character states in the trailer, “I hated rugby in school… But then I met all of you boys, and it was like finding a family.”

For the full play-by-play, we’ll have to check out In From The Side for ourselves. The film opens in U.K. cinemas on September 14, with U.S. release or streaming plans yet to be announced.

You can watch the first official trailer below:

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