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  • Qjersey

    NO NO NO!


  • sal(the original)

    not here too!!!!!!!!paris hilton save us with another cooch showing!!!!!

  • AlwaysGay

    I thought it was a nice tribute. When Michael’s daughter, Paris, spoke my heart broke. She said he was a great father.

  • dlpca

    Stevie Wonder’s musical tribute was hauntingly beautiful; so moving, so touching and deeply emotional. Michael Jackson’s worldwide influence in life is only compounded by impact of his death.

    Rest in peace MJ. You are missed. You are loved, forever.

  • Josh

    Lord – enough already. I am so sick of the hoopla.

  • RainaWeather

    it was sweet

  • GINO


  • Dave

    I just think it’s very hypocritical for the media, who basically enjoyed ridiculing him for the past twenty years, is now constantly saying how great he was. I never really cared for his music. He was fortunate to be part of a time where media and entertainment was changing and he became part of that and it killed him a long time ago. The same will happen when Madonna or Cher go…and those who ridiculed them will then say how great they were.

    Pay attention to the people who are dying everyday in third world countries…

    Oh…and I cant wait for the cash cow MJ will become to greedy companies. More valuable in death.

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