WATCH: Madison Hildebrand In A Speedo For “Summer By Bravo” Promo

Bravo’s recent “Summer by Bravo” teaser is pretty cute—and a sly nod to sister network NBC’s upcoming Olympics coverage—but Million Dollar Listings‘ Madison Hildebrand on the diving board in nothing but a Speedo? Sickening! (Or whatever word for “awesome” the children are using today.)

Below, a candid shot Hildebrand posted on Twitter.

Source: Just A Dream (NSFW)

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  • Owen

    So…”Flipping Out” is coming back…?

  • Frank

    He needs more meat in those bones…

  • Jude

    Halfway decent body on Madison but it’s a shame about that face!

  • Alex

    I remember when Bravo was the art house station

  • Nathan

    Gross. Get that guy a hamburger… or 6.

  • FelixWood

    He is absolutely disgusting.

  • Cam

    I’ve seen the show and that guy Madison is a pretty repellent character.

  • BT

    Hands down one of the WORST examples of a gay man on TV. His queenie demeanor is so annoying and his laugh makes him sound like he just got off the short bus. Bravo has turned into the lowest form of entertainment run by that cross-eyed fruit loop Andy Cohen.

  • Cam


    It isn’t those things that bother me about him. It’s the complete self centered laziness about him.

    He left his boss and started his own business. His assistant asked if she could move up and out to open a new office for him, he delayed and delayed answering her, and then she finally told him she would leave if he couldn’t give her an answer, and he freaked out and acted like it was some personal attack on him.

    The woman was his assistant for years, he was too lazy to make a decision so she took a job offer after warning him months in advance. That combined with the fact that he doesn’t seem to actually do much work other than diet and work with his personal trainer.

  • Chuck

    Madison never even says very much on his own show. I hear he got so much screentime on this promo because he did Andy Cohen.

  • Chuck

    Remember when Taylor from RHOBH threatened to go all Oklahoma on Kim Richards’ ass? I’d like to see Madison threaten to go all polyamorous on someone’s ass. LOL.

  • noneya

    Sounds like a lot of bitter jealous queens on here trashing on this kid.

  • michael

    I’m not jealous i just don’t get why anyone would find him interesting enough to spend time watching him on TV.

  • scott ny'er

    i actually thought he was hot looking and interesting in the beginning of his show on Bravo. Then he lost more weight and cut more cut and his body is really cut but he doesn’t look as good. And then he went on that dating show and confirmed how he’s pretty shallow. it’s all tv tho so who really knows what he’s like in real life.

  • I won't grow up

    I agree with BT and cam. There is only one life form on earth lower than a lawyer and that is the real estate agent. That made up name makes me gag. For gods sake eat something!!!!

  • Wayne

    Madison is such a kid at heart very handsome and down to earth.He sure fill out in those trunks. I’m glad he’s back on bravo.

  • takingliberties

    He looks greasy. What an annoying little character.

  • takingliberties

    I had to look at more pictures of him on Google to confirm it: This kid is busted. He thinks he is attractive but he is Fugly.

  • Ted

    Madison is so incredibly dim and small-minded. Such a bore.

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