Watch Mississippi Diners React To This Gay Couple’s PDA On “What Would You Do?”

ben-baur-what-would-you-do-gay-couple-pdaHunting Season star Ben Baur makes up one half of the adorable couple copping a kiss in the Mississippi restaurant featured on ABC’s What Would You Do last night.

The show plants actors in real settings to incite public ethical and moral dilemmas in order to film the actions and reactions of people nearby. Previously, the show has flawlessly handled “the gay athlete” storyline, the “trans woman” storyline, and even storylines tackling racism and child abduction (check out our favorites here).

This week, Ben and his boyfriend Andreas snuggle up next to each other at El Sombrero, a Mexican dining establishment in the “quaint town” of Vicksburg, Mississippi. This may be “the hospitality state,” but it’s also one of the absolute worst in providing LGBT protections.

Check out the surprising (and all too unsurprising) reactions off the patrons below. Spoiler alert: Lots of “personal beliefs” going on here: