WATCH: New Film “The Happy-Sad” Offers Evolved Look At Sexual Identity

With his insightful new film The Happy-Sad, director Rodney Evans says he “captures the attitude of a younger generation that is more open to sexual fluidity and bi-curiosity.”

It’s been nearly a decade since Evans made his initial splash with Brother to Brother, his award-winning drama that offered a tantalizing look at the Harlem Renaissance. Like that film, Evans’ latest, an adaptation of a play by Ken Urban, also explores a complex sexual relationship between African-American men.

“There is less angst around issues of sexual identity and that is embodied by the characters of Annie, Stan and Mandy and how their relationships evolve over the course of the film,” Evans said to Queerty.

After being well-received on the festival circuit earlier this year, the film is currently playing in the theaters in Los Angeles and New York.