WATCH: New Jersey Marriage is One Week Away

It’s so close we can almost taste the cake and bouquet and garters: marriage equality is scheduled to start in New Jersey next Monday, the 21st.

But it still might not happen. Governor Christie is still pounding on the glass at the back of the church and hollering (metaphorically), and there’s a slim chance he might actually get his way.

He’s already tried once to delay the start date, but a judge smacked him down. Now he’s appealing that smackdown, and Lambda Legal has until Tuesday to respond. Seldom is wedding planning quite so edge-of-your-seat.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Illinois are about to enter their fall veto session, during which time they could consider a marriage bill. If you live in Illinois — or know anyone who does — there’s never been a more important time to get involved. Visit if you can join them for next Tuesday’s rally.