WATCH: New Webseries “My Gay Roommate,” Is What “Partners” Should’ve Been

Partners was a decent enough idea – a gay guy and a straight guy are bffs – rife with comedic potential, but sadly potential was all it was, as CBS quickly cancelled the freshman series.

My Gay Roommate also has potential and is already less stuffy and boring than its network predecessor. Starring Noam Ash – who also serves as writer and co-creator – as the gay in question and Philip Lockwood-Bean as his hetero foil, it’s worth a watch…if only because they’re both not too hard on the ole peepers.

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  • PornForPatric

    I’m entirely the wrong demographic for this, but if a network (air or cable) picked this up and made it into a weekly series, I’d watch it. Seriously, anyone who is gay and had a straight roommate in a dorm could relate to a show like this. Here’s hoping it at least continues as a web series for the time being.

  • Kit McCollum

    There’s a decent germ of an idea here, but it is not well executed and the characters are a bit thinly drawn in the “pilot.” This series may yet polish up into something more worthwhile, but it’s not as good out of the gate as THE OUTS was.


    i guess it has it’s place.

    personally, i can’t fuck with this shit — i thought/hoped we’d moved past this opposite polarities trope and we could depict such relationships from more creative interesting angles. i guess i was wrong.

  • MikeE

    I agree 100%… this is what “Partners” should have been: cancelled.

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