WATCH: Nick Gruber’s Reality Series —It’s Boy Toy Gone Wild!

Nick Gruber, that totally straight bad boy we all love to hate, has further extended his 15 minutes of notoriety by joining the cast of America’s Got Talent appearing in a reality series along with former sugar daddy John Luciano. Queerty readers will recall that Luciano indulged the gay-for-pay blond’s penchant for shopping at Barney’s once he split from fashion mogul Calvin Klein.

Michael Musto chatted with Luciano, who explained about the series: “We decided to do a pilot based on our relationship, which was open since I didn’t care who he slept with. Calvin and Nick also had an open relationship, but of a different nature—Calvin would open his wallet and Nick would open his legs.” (OK, we are loving us some John Luciano!)

He said the series was filmed in West Hollywood and Orange County, Calif. (home to one of America’s premiere high-end shopping malls, natch!) last fall.

“We broke up in February 2013 and all that I was left with was a band of gold, the dreams I hold, and countless hours of priceless footage,” Luciano said. “When I was approached by Boondock Films to extend my 15-minutes of embarrassment, I jumped at the chance. It’s being edited into five-minute episodes and the title is Lucky Shot, The Nick Gruber Project. It’s juicier than a Peter Luger porterhouse, but I was 40 pounds heavier when we filmed, so you might want to watch it on a wide screen.”

The series is expected to premiere on YouTube soon and a new episode will be available each week. Gruber only last five minutes? Figures.

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  • GlitterKidder

    Congratulations Queerty, you helped this poor excuse for a human being get a gig. You should be so proud of yourselves.

  • Damianvargas

    The hypocrisy is just too much for me. The site and its writers trying to be snarky and hateful and yet recognize that his name drives hits so they continually post leaves a bad taste in my mouth and that’s saying something considering what I’ve had jn my mouth.

  • tardis

    The Kim Kardashian of the LGBT world.

    I am sick of hearing of this guy. Do everyone a favor and STOP talking about him. This guy clearly has issues in his life and like every mentally unstable figure in the media is being exploited by the entertainment and gossip world. Enough about this guy.

  • balehead

    Once again you all sound out of shape and jealous…..

  • rand503

    I, on the other hand, love a good train wreck in the making. This one is long and slow, but it’s quite entertaining. When the inevitable happens, and Nick gets his first wrinkle, I’ll be in the front row with popcorn.

  • Dxley

    Why are you giving this guy so much attention? I’m not a professional supermodel but I know I’m sexier than him. He’s damaged goods. He has NOTHING in between the ears. I’m tired of his fucked up blond ambition(My boyfriend is blond btw). He has some serious issues and he needs to have them sorted. He’s unstable and I really DO hope that he’s straight. He reflects badly on the gay community. We don’t want loose cannons here. Stupid Dumb Blond Boy. A complete EYE CANDY – Hot body. Pretty face. Nothing upstairs !!!

  • hf2hvit

    @balehead: I guess you love the closet case Kardashian-esque whore…Nice to see what you aspire to

  • hf2hvit

    @hf2hvit: And Balehead…I wouldn’t touch yours with his!!!

  • thebutterflycatcher

    Nick: teeny tiny dick; dumb, close to mentally handicapped; a weak sex performer–never seems into it on film in porn; average looks worsened with surgery; awful personality; prime candidate for meth.

  • lycanfangs

    Luciano is the real STAR… I love it!

  • DarkZephyr

    @balehead: Baby, my green eyed, gorgeous athletic hunk of a fiance LOVES my body, but that doesn’t mean I have to love Nick Gruber. The man grosses me out because he is a homophobic pig.

  • Caleb in SC

    Unfortunately, Nick forgot the cardinal rule of his trade: The hired help is to be seen and not heard.

  • 2eo

    It’s almost like the PR company has recently pumped a lot of money into Gaycities.

    Oh wait, that is exactly what has happened.

  • Jake357

    @DarkZephyr: I think balehead is a self-hating gay himself. He’s left his toxic mark on some other posts and they all seem to be about not getting to the gym or being out of shape as if that has anything to do with a show about a male prostitute that clearly no one wants to hear about (talking to you, Queerty). Seems all content on this site is an ad these days.

  • balehead

    This has nothing to do with Nick ..just your own self hatred and lies….(fiances? yet right…..)

  • balehead

    All the out of shape women also talk about their fiances by the way….fooling no one….

  • NateB79

    @balehead: Is it possible for you to be a bigger douche? Just a bitter little troll that lives vicariously through a gay blog on the internet. The fact that you always, always post the same tired shit and actually use the spelling “hawt” and mean it, shows you’re probably 14 and posting vitriol from the family PC in the den.

  • Jake357

    He has to be a big ol’ douche. I mean, c’mon… balehead? That’s what fans of Christian Bale are called, esp the sup bro types that worship films like American Psycho. Toolish f*ckery at its finest.

  • DerekR

    @Jake357: @ NateB79 @balehead @DarkZephyr @hf2hvit This fly on the wall thinks you are ALL douches and laughable and simple and teenage girl like and…

    And FYI if you don’t like the content on Queerty, start your own f*cking blog. But until then SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! about what is posted.

  • Jake357

    @DerekR: Heart broken. Utterly decimated by your low estimation of us. And much like that fly on the wall, you deserve to be swatted.

  • DonW

    So we’re supposed to care that this Luciano guy is the “grand newphew” [sic] of a 1930s gangster? The PR guys are banking on gay audiences’ mindless obsession with any shred of “celebrity.” Unfortunately, they’re probably onto something.

  • Teleny

    So this kid gets a YouTube show for having sex with older gay men, but isn’t gay, but is in a gay relationship with another elderly man???

  • Kangol


    Nick Gruber is a quandary wrapped inside a conundrum trapped inside an enigma. And as shallow as freshly fallen pool of rain.

  • Cam

    @balehead: /

    I’m curious as to what you think everybody on here is jealous of? His situation sounds like a nightmare. It would be bad enough for a gay guy to have to have sex with somebody as old and odd looking as Calvin Klein, but for a person who isn’t gay, and who is so at the end of their rope/unable to support themselves that they have to sell themselves to somebody just to get a place to stay and go shopping sounds like a nightmare.

    So again, just what is it you find about this guy that is supposedly so enviable?

  • Stache1

    @Cam: Maybe it’s Baleheads dream though.

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