WATCH: Offensive Straight Dudes Want To Know, “Which Gym Stereotype Are You?”

Are you trying to get in shape but afraid of what judging eyes at the gym will think of you? Here’s something that’ll really motivate you to get out of bed and into the gym: A bunch of guys who made a video making fun of everyone else at the gym!

Presumably to take out unwarranted frustration at what gym buffs call the “New Years Resolution People,” the hilarious dudes at Dude Perfect have mashed a bunch of broad stereotypes into one video that covers just about every type of person you may encounter at the gym. There’s a few you may know (The Screamer, The Selfie Guy, The Mirror Magnet) a few you’ve never seen (The Sauna Suit Guy?) and a few that are downright rude (No Idea What I’m Doing Guy, The Yoga Guy, The Sweaty Guy). “Which one are you?”, they ask.

Too bad they didn’t include Douchebag Making Fun Of People Exercising Instead Of Working Out Guy. I saw about 15 of them before the video was halfway over.