WATCH: Pandemic-era gay loneliness summed up in one video

Michael Henry
Michael Henry (Photo: YouTube)

Although vaccines against COVID-19 are on the way, we’re far from being out of the woods yet. In many parts of the world, residents continue to be advised to stay home unless it’s essential to venture out and to adhere to social distancing measures.

The impact of the pandemic on our mental health is addressed by YouTube comic Michael Henry in his latest video. As always, it offers laughs, but this one will also resonate on a more serious level with… well, many of us, and certainly those living alone.

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A friend calls Michael to see how he’s feeling. He admits the boredom and feelings of loneliness are really getting to him.

“I get my work done during the day but at night I am so incredibly lonely and I have never felt loneliness quite like this before,” he says to a friend.

“Because if ever I did, I’d run out of my door and go to the closest gay bar or club, but now I don’t have that community. I don’t have those people to meet up with… and I miss that. I just have my phone, which I’m on for hours a day messaging men and liking nonsense images on Instagram.”

In a caption accompanying the video, Henry says, “I know this is a really difficult time that we’re all in right now. I’m feeling it just the same as you all. Let’s try and stick together and get through this one day at a time. Please everyone stay safe and sound.”

Many of his fans say the video summed up their own experiences perfectly.

“I literally feel this entire way and have felt it the last few days,” said one. “I’m just starting to feel the cracks forming in mental health and I could really use a visit to a club so I could drown myself in overpriced cocktails and boys dancing on boxes. It really sucks.”

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“I haven’t been touched by a man since February and I’ve never been more horny or deeply restless,” said another. “I gave up drinking completely until this is over or I’d probably end up making some bad choices. I discovered your channel about a month ago and it’s become an important sanity saver.”

If you’re feeling lonely, call a friend for a talk or arrange a socially-distanced meet-up outdoors. In a world where we mainly communicate via texting and messaging, there may well be people that we consider friends that we aren’t used to talking to on the phone, but now is the time to reach out. Not only for your own mental health but also to check upon them.