WATCH: RHONJ’s Gay Wedding Was “Pure Perfection,” Says Caroline Manzo

New Jersey may not have marriage equality yet, but there was still a big fat gay wedding on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, as Caroline Manzo’s brother Jaime Laurita married longtime partner Rich Lane.

The affair was Garden State glamorous, complete with paper lanterns, top hats, carriages and fireworks.

“I’m amazed at how beautiful it was, considering it was planned and orchestrated within one month’s time,” Manzo wrote on her Bravo blog. “From the horse-drawn carriage to the ceremony and party afterwards, it was pure perfection. It was an incredible event filled with lots of good food, love, and laughter.”

Of course Laurita is a party planner and chef—and, well, gay—so we’d expect nothing less.

She hopes the same-sex ceremony underscores to RHONJ viewers how love transcends gender:

“Jaime and Rich are two men that have committed themselves to each other over the past 13 years and have built a loving home and life together in spite of the fact that their relationship isn’t recognized in the eyes of so many in today’s society. Good for them, I applaud their courage and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. They deserve it … My hope is that tonight’s episode showed the world that love comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. The heart feels what the heart feels, and no one should be denied the simple right to love who their heart tells them to.”

And, she says, don’t read too much into it just because you didn’t see Caroline and Jamie’s entire family at the last-minute ceremony: “Some were working, some were vacationing, some had babysitting issues, so on and so on,” she explained.

Okay, because, we’d hate to think another family squabble was brewing on Housewives.