WATCH: Rugby God Ben Cohen Would Like You To Ogle Him For A Good Cause

Is rugby player/anti-bullying advocate Ben Cohen not one of the best things that has ever happened to the gays? He’s gorgeous, furry, pleasant and and he’s passionate about stopping bullying and harassment. Swoon

In this making-of video, Ben struts about for his upcoming 2013 calendar, which goes on pre-sale for $35. And you don’t even have to feel creepy for objectifying him: Proceeds go to Cohen’s StandUp Foundation!

So wipe the drool off and go buy some merchandise.

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  • fagburn

    This calender probably cost about $1 to print per copy.
    How much of the $35 goes to “good causes”?

  • Skooter McGoo

    Met him at Dallas Pride last year, very nice guy with a heart that wants humanity to get along & move forward. Cheers

  • balehead

    Apparently most of the money goes for things not related to charity……He sounds like the Aids ride guy all over again….

  • kayakriver

    Omg he’s so dreamy he’s a walking hallucination. He’s one of those guys you want in sweats in bed to cuddle and make out forever.

  • tazz602

    balehead “Apparently”?? Care to back that up? Ben Cohen has done noting but been totally supportive of his GLBT fans ALL THRU his career and even before retirement his foundation was his life and his dream to help kids that are bullied.

  • Alton

    I don’t care how much the calendar costs to make, and I wouldn’t care even if only one penny from every one sold was going to charity. Ben Cohen has been a passionately outspoken advocate of equality for years, and has done more for our community just by speaking out than most of you will ever do. It’s disgusting to watch cynical queens who don’t know the first thing about him and what he stands for giving him shit for trying to fucking help. If you can’t recognize an honest to christ straight ally, then please stop posting things on public message boards. You’re making the rest of us look like ungrateful assholes.

  • GerryB

    Ben Cohen is the Chairman and not the CEO of the Standup Foundation.The Chairman of the Foundation is Patrick Davis of Davis Brand Capital which Linkedin says “specializes in the creation and management of brand capital. We serve clients worldwide, helping them to identify, allocate and deploy brand capital for maximum value and return on investment.”
    I hope that any charity, especially one that states it seeks to prevent bullying and prevent exploitation, does not do what it seeks to prevent ie exploit people (ie us gays) who have been affected by bullying.So I have been trying to find out from the Standup Foundation what proportion of their income is spent for their stated purpose. I emailed the Foundation with that question and got an automated response stating I would get a response. I did not. I wrote to the CEO Patrick Davis in Atlanta by recorded mail and got no answer. To comply with their 501 (c)(3) status they were required to file their financial report last month with the Internal Revenue Service in the USA but do not appear to have done so.I await that information.
    I heard Ben Cohen speak last year.He spoke to an audience of gay men.I also spoke to him. He is indeed a nice guy.It was striking how many of us in the audience had experienced bullying and intimidation, including me.That is why I am pursuing this.I have no difficulty with Ben Cohen earning a living from the Foundation, if that is what he is doing, but I do want to know that the proportion used in salaries/administration is proportionate and I think people should know what that proportion is so that potential donors can make an informed choice whether or not to donate. Otherwise people who donate,esp us gays, could be exploited again and yet again.

  • GerryB

    Sorry Patrick Davis is the CEO and Ben Cohen is the Chairman…………

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