WATCH: Scissor Sisters Release Offical Video For “Let’s Have A Kiki”

The official video for Scissor Sisters’ sleeper hit “Let’s Have a Kiki” is finally here, after going totally viral via Videodrome Discotheque’s mashup clip (below). If we wanted to be hunty we might say this one looks a little… rushed? Like, somebody was all, like, “Ooh girl! We got a viral hit—we gotta get a video out there!”

But, hey, nobody needs that shade! So instead we choose to focus on the impressive fact that the video is all one continuous shot of Ana Matronic and company serving full-on kiki realness!

Check out the official video above, and VD stars Craig MacNeil and Blythe Russo’s clip below. We’ll leave it to you to read them for filth in the comments.