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WATCH: Sean Chapin Reacts To Santorum’s Napkin/Marriage Analogy

Sean Chapin is the right-on gay activist who go the San Francisco Giants to create an It Gets Better Video.  Now he’s tackling Rick Santorum’s latest brain fart comparing marriage to napkins and paper towels. It’s kind of weird that Santorum’s analogy makes no sense—when your name is Santorum, we assume you’d be an expert on paper towels.

Also, we kind of love Chapin’s scarf. Enjoy!


Video via Sean Chapin

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  • Jem

    Wow. What Santorum said did not make a lick of sense, nor was it even relevant.


    Frothy Face got his sorry fat ass handed to him when Penn. voters woke up and realized what an absolute douchebag they had elected Senator and he was destroyed by 17 points in his re-election bid………

    This absolute vile disgusting scumbag stoops to the lowest level of gutter politics relishing in spewing hatred upon the Gays……He has I believe five sons, based on the virtually every study done it is almost certain that one of them is Gay. I hope his son has the courage to ask his father to his face why he has spent virtually his entire career obsessing on hatred of all things rainbow hued……….

    The only good thing that has come about from his thinking he had a chance for the repugnatican nomination is that it further cemented his so very well deserved search results on the googles………

  • Max

    Gotta love circular reasoning…

  • R.A,

    Sadly, the video is long and not funny, but I guess we can’t all be Paul Rudnick.

  • Jaroslaw

    Must be a slow newsday for this to be posted. Jem – it actually does make sense, what he was trying to say is you can call something anything you want and that doesn’t change it. Where he is completely wrong historically is marriage has changed a LOT over the centuries and even in our own brief history (USA). And marriage was practiced very differently in different times and places. It was hardly ONE MAN/ONE WOMAN only.

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