WATCH: Why the sexiest gay men are often the most lonely

Actor Michael Fariss stars in the latest Michael Henry YouTube video (Photo: YouTube)

It’s the curse of being beautiful: Other gay guys are more interested in getting into your pants than genuine friendship.

That’s according to a character in the latest comedy sketch from YouTuber Michael Henry.

Michael comes across a conventionally good-looking acquaintance (played by Michael Fariss), who’s upset because he has no “real gay friends.” Despite having a “cute boyfriend”, good job and close female friends, all he does with his new gay friends is fool around with them.

Michael’s advice? “The way to make friends isn’t though your anus.

“All you sexys only have surface friendships because you are stuck in this loop of connecting and validating each other through some sort of sexual activity.”

He advises his handsome friend to wear pants instead of revealing shorts and to join an improv class.

Watch the funny clip below.

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