Pucker up

Michael Henry and Matt Wilkas break down ‘the gay hello’ in hilarious video

Sometimes a hello kiss is obviously just a friendly greeting, and sometimes, it has us gays thinking, “Was that… romance?”

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Observe this ambiguity “out in the wild” in this video from comedian Michael Henry — who previously delved into “pretty privilege” and masc/femme dynamics in other riotous clips. His pal in the video? Matt Wilkas, actor, playwright, and star of the webseries Matt & Dan.

Even the “friendliest” of kisses isn’t necessarily lust, as Matt tells Michael in the funnyman’s latest upload: “That was just two good Judys making a public statement that men can be affectionate with each other in public. It’s a form of activism.”

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So let your hair down and hit the play button above. Hey, if it’s good enough for Straight Paul, right?