WATCH: Sexy Signer Chase DiMartino Gives A Musical Finger To America’s Anti-Gay Bigots

Chase DiMartino, the sexy YouTuber who created sign language interpretations of Lady Gaga’s “Lovegame” and Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, has come out with a new video for Lily Allen’s old anti-bigot anthem “Fuck You Very Much.” In his version, DiMartino dispatches bigots like Linda Harvey, George W. Bush and Ann Coulter using some Super Mario fireballs, star power and even a few karate punches. We always knew they were just a bunch of Goombas.

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  • irisgirl

    love this!

  • Funboy3

    Cheney is pro gay …

  • BigWoody

    @Funboy3: I disagree. Cheney is not pro gay. I would say now that he has retired from politics he is no longer anti-gay. While he was a republican operative he strategically (along with Carl Rove) used anti-gay politics to further riht-wing policy and candidates. He remained silent regarding his daughter being a lesbian.

    The danger of fools such as Chaney and Bush is that they secretly dislike and mock christian conservatives but publically support and pander to their bigoted beliefs. The cowards believe doing otherwise would fracture their party and cause a loss of political power.

  • scribe31

    @Funboy3: Would your parent stand by while their boss
    ran a race on the backs of gay people? That is what cheney did to his child.
    Most loving parents of gay children would not have allowed such things.

  • Evan

    Hate is not the solution. This video is not encouraging. You can’t fight hate with hate. Peace is the answer to create Love and equality.

  • Top to Bottom

    Wow…I think this is one of his best vids yet. Although “Womanizer” is still my fave, retro as it is.

  • CaliberGuy

    seriously get a grip, I mean really “fighting hate with hate” it’s freaking set in a video game, when was the last time you saw some one shoot fireballs out of their hands or freaking killer rainbows out of their ass? If you think this is a promotion of violence maybe its time you seek professional help.

  • kylew

    @Evan: Yeah yeah, love and peace. I’ll remember to pass that on to the next gay kid as he’s getting his ass kicked by the homophobes. “Just try peace kid – show them you love them”.

    Peace is a lovely ideal, like communism (maybe), but in real life, you need to carry a bigger stick and you need to be prepared to use it, whilst the opposition is learning the value of peace.

  • Sammy

    Love this! He has a good voice too when he sings… I got his music on iTunes. Thanks for posting his stuff queerty! SO much better than Davey Wavey.. tho he’s cute too.

  • queertypie

    The song used in the video is already out there. I think it shows one man’s exasperation at all the hate that is sent “our” way and it’s his attempt to sling some back at them. It’s not good to combat hatred with hatred, but it does make for a great video none the less. A cute guy using sign language always gets my attention.

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