WATCH: Survivor‘s Gay Republican Is A Queeny, Semi-Bigoted Power Player

This season, Survivor One World decided to include a gay character on one of the teams. His name is Colton, he’s a Republican college student, and he is an absolutely ridiculous, semi-bigoted queen. He’s also kind of a power player. Watch him call little-person contestant Leif a “little Munchkin” who’s “about to get knocked back to Oz” above, as well as an “oompah-loompah.”

He also has it out for a black contestant named Bill, whom he calls “ghetto trash.” Watch:

A queen who plays politics! GOProud would be honored to have you, Colton.

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  • QJ201

    He isn’t a queen. He is a carbon copy simpy lispy Truman Capote QUEEN!

  • Alex

    I fucking hate this queen. If this guy talked to me the way he talked to Bill, I would fucking beat his ass.

  • pedro

    Wow, I’m not just saying this because I have a black boyfriend, but, who in the world finds effeminiate lispy white boys attractive…I just want to know, how a man who is attracted to other MEN could possibly get a boner from listening to, or being in close proximity to someone who obviously needs a good shot of testosterone…I just don’t get it…

  • L

    It really speaks to volume when your own community doesn’t like you.

    He’ll sashay away and be irrelevant soon.

  • mark

    There’s nothing “semi-bigoted” about it. He’s a straight-up classist, racist, rich-kid punk “bigot”.

  • the crustybastard

    “Semi-bigoted Republican”?

    LOL. Is there some other kind?

  • Adrian

    Colton might not be likable but he’s reality TV GOLD!
    If he decided to do comedy he could be the Gay version of Don Rickles

  • tjr101

    This guy is the poster child for what gay Republicans are all about, they have a one diminsional view and don’t see the hypocrisy in their own actions. Being gay and bigoted is just dumb.

  • SFHarry

    He is one of the most unlikeable people I have seen on TV, ever.

  • Robert in NYC

    Gay and republican = oxymoron. End of!

  • MikeE

    have you noticed that gay republicans tend to be people with money, rather than poor people?

    it says a lot about where their priorities lie.

  • Robert in NYC

    @MikeE: Absolutely, look at the GOProud bunch and who is on their board! You know, even if the economy were booming, jobs plentiful, they still would NOT consider our equality a priority and the still continue to vote for a party of hate.

  • rayy

    He’s kinda cute until he opens his mouth. He should keep his mouth closed unless he’s providing a service.

  • Austin

    “I’m not racist, I have black friends I like.”
    “Well, our maid!”

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    …and all the while i’m hearing: “I’LL GET YOU PENELOPE PITSTOP IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO…”

    (sylvester sneekly/the hooded claw — the prototype for all homocons)

  • Urethra Franklin

    what an embarrassingly closed minded ignorant immature hypocrite.
    he has no idea what the real world is like, and i can’t wait till he meets more real people in the real world who are gonna teach him a lesson about real life in the real world.

    he just offended every possible employer he will ever have.
    stay in Alabama you dumb ass power bottom…

  • JayKay

    “Ghetto trash” is no more bigoted or racist than “white trash,” which I see tossed around by oh-so-tolerant liberals all the time. Nice selective outrage there.

    @Robert in NYC:

    Oh really? I was unaware that gay was now a political orientation.

  • JayKay

    “Ghetto trash” is no more bigoted or racist than “white trash,” which I see tossed around by oh-so-tolerant liberals all the time. Nice selective outrage there.

  • Spike

    Stopped watching that lame show years ago. Kudos to the producers for finding the perfect example of a gay republican, not a single redeeming quality to him, and thus the perfect representation of a republican. As for his voice, I’m glad I stopped watching that lame show years ago. Am I repeating myself here?

  • oker zaude

    I love how the comments and the article accuse him of being bigoted and then turn around and repeat the same bigotry toward him and his mannerisms, and gay republicans.

    There isn’t even anything bigoted about him. If he was calling someone “white trash” I bet no one would care. But because the person is black, he’s automatically “racist.”

    @tjr101: “Being gay and bigoted is just dumb.”

    Then most of you have some work to do on yourselves.

    Or you can just accept your hypocrisy.

  • oker zaude

    I love how the comments and the article accuse him of being bigoted and then turn around and repeat the same bigotry toward him and his mannerisms, and gay republicans.

    There isn’t even anything bigoted about him. If he was calling someone white trash I bet no one would care. But because the person is black, he’s automatically racist.

  • Kev C

    He’s doing a good job of making the other men look stupid. And he pisses off black people so he can’t be all bad.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @oker zaude: Well you certainly blew a cannonball through your argument in sentence one with your comment in sentence two: if there isn’t anything bigoted about his calling people “ghetto trash” “munchkin” et al, then there isn’t anything bigoted calling him out for his effeminate mannerisms and oxymoronic politics. BTW, I’m not sure how a black person would react to somebody calling them “white trash”, but I bet they’d laugh.

  • Bob

    He is a disgrace to gay men and a stereotype that gives us all a bad name with the homophobes. This selfish, bigoted asshole should get booted-off in the next round. And watch the re-union show where he’ll be all “I was just playing the game”. “I’m not a racist; I hardly ever beat my housekeep, except when she has the nerve to look me in my eyes”.

  • JayKKK

    Yeah he is awesome and you liberals don’t like him because liberals are more intolerant than republicans. I am a gay republican and i’ve never met a republican that had a problem with gay people only liberals hate gay people and so do blacks thats why my family is better than them because we’re better than blacks and liberals and those stereotypical gays because we’re not scared of our opinions.
    we just post anonymously because we’re lying.

  • JayRayKKK

    When are you liberals going to learn that you are the reason that gays dont have equal rights? if you just did what we gay white republicans did and cut off your balls then you wouldn’t be discriminated against.
    and life without balls is awesome because then nobody hates you for being gay because they know you dont have any balls and they pity you, and if they pity you then they don’t hate you.

    you stupid liberals will never learn that if you just do what a bully says then they won’t beat you up.

  • Jonathan

    A rich white man referring to a black man as “ghetto trash” sounds pretty racist to me regardless of what you may think of someone’s personal demeanor or political affiliation.

  • isaaKKK

    Yeah! Jay and Ray! I also agree with you! We gay republicans are way better because we can post things online and then blame liberals because liberals are the reason that gays are made fun of because liberals are stupid because they fight for things like Equality for people, and that’s stupid because if you just let people walk all over you then they won’t call you names!

  • just a guess

    Does he post here on Queerty as either KevC or JayKay?

  • ProudGayRepublican

    I also agree with you guys! it’s so great to hear from other gay republicans who realize that liberals are to blame! we should all hang out sometime because we’re all totally not the same person posting with different names, and we don’t have to prove that we are who we are because only TROLLS do that!

  • JayKKK

    Yeah, I agree! it’s awesome being a gay republican. i’m also a professional football player and i have only met intolerant liberals and i don’t need to post any proof or backups for what i say because some liberal troll asks me to! this is a FREE country where we have the freedom to do whatever our white conservative parents let us do!

  • Dean Lowry

    I think m’lady doth protest to much. What a voice! Jesus. He’s not bad looking, and though I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, I’m fairly certain that Truman Capote voice won’t get him in. What a bitchy little bottom.

  • JayKKK

    He’s not femme! only liberals are femmes! and blacks! we proud gay white republicans are the manliest men ever, that’s why we post comments online secretly!

  • CBRad

    A lot of anti-fem bigotry in this thread. I thought we weren’t supposed to be like that..?

  • CBRad

    P.S. : You guys all know these are scripted characters, right?

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    sidebar: i’m not seeing the “recent comments” strip, whats going on? these little annoyances started occurring more and more frequently right before you went tits up the last time.

  • J. bocca

    calling someone “ghetto trash” is not racist. Otherwise everyone under 30 would be a ragging bigot. It’s a common term.

  • Doug

    This guy makes me feel homophobic and I’m queer as a 3 dollar bill.

  • Doug

    : This guy was a class A jerk

  • Jisaak

    when my republican dad caught me blowing my neighbor he said to me “as long as you don’t act like a total flaming queen or let anyone know that your gay i promise to not make fun of you in font of my friends, but if you act like a stereotypical fag then i’m gonna make you wish you were never born”

    i’m a proud republican gay man and the story above proves how much my dad loves me because that’s what love is because only liberal queens are stupid.

    if you liberal queens just did what i did and sucked dick in private and pretended not to be gay when your dad’s buds are around then maybe gay people would be able to have rights.

  • Belize

    @CBRad: *sheds a tear.

    Oh honey. I thought your kind has died out years ago. I felt so alone.

    *tags you by the ear.

  • Doug

    @Jisaak: Either this is a joke or you’re pretty retarded Jisaak

  • Belize

    @Kev C: “He’s doing a good job of making the other men look stupid.”

    I know, right?! It’s so hard to lead by example nowadays.

  • Belize

    @Kev C: Wait. Hold up. CBS let’s you use the internet to communicate with us while you’re on the show?

    Ugh. Survivor is such a rip-off!

  • John-David

    @Jisaak: You are a pathetic excuse for a homosexual.

  • JayKKKMike

    I agree with Jisaak that gay liberals and fems are stupid and gay republicans are the best!

  • CBRad

    I haven’t watched that show in quite a while. Are they writing all the gay characters as villains now (like in “The Maltese Falcon”) ?

  • Farquart

    Oh Lord, that goes beyond embarrassing.

  • prettygirls

    Sometimes you just have to bust a bitch in their grill and call it a day.. Why O’ Why won’t these pale queens try me like that?

  • BradChad

    the only queens are liberals because masc gay republicans like me aren’t queens and you can tell because we love to comment on gay sites anonymously because that’s what really manly masc gay guys do.

    how can you tell i’m really masc and proud and Out and republican? because i said so. that’s why.

  • B.

    I have to say that I somewhat know this guy, sadly. I am ashamed to say it, too. Being gay, and on TV, I would like to think that you would use that platform to bring awareness to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, CBS brought us Colton. As part of the Log Cabin Republicans, I am embarrassed by other gay men that call themselves Republicans when it solely is from their upbringing and not because they have actually sat down and thought about their views on politics. His Facebook account has become extremely limited since Survivor started. Now I am completely aware as to why. Got to say, this poor kid is up for a rude awakening with the backlash from the horrible things he has said.

  • CBRad

    @B.: But it’s all scripted. How naive are you guys ?

  • Huh ...

    @CBRad: It’s NOT all scripted. How paranoid are *you*?

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: Yes it is ! Paranoid? That only refers to things like…..the “faked?” moon landing. The rest of the country knows it’s a TV show with characters, with a bare minimum of reality. just….wise up, dudes. (Jerry Springer shows weren’t real either).

  • James UK

    I’ve just watched episodes 2/3/4 to discover what all the fuss is about.

    I guffawed through most of it. Bill is so fake and desperate to be liked – he so isn’t ghetto trash, but he used that formerly ghetto, then jive then hip-hop (and then I got too old and lost track of what it’s called now) idiom that lots of guys use nowadays. Bro’ this and bro’ that and it’s just so fake – like the male equivalent of like the Valley Girl. Now I can see why some people might think Bill’s neediness was touching, particularly as Bill is good looking and ostensibly straight. But I’m with Colton – I thought it was nauseating and I wanted to hit Bill upside the head with a shovel.

    I think that’s why Colton disliked Bill. It’s nothing really to do with race. It’s projection. Colton had been doing the same, trying to ingratiate himself with the girls, with very little success.

    So I don’t think that Colton is racist. He does come across as a spoiled, mean-girl brat. Which is terrible. Because he is feminine and therefore should have been properly passive and kept things fluffy. If he wanted to be a capital Q queen, he should have gotten dressed. So people would know.

    I think it’s really funny that they all assume that he is “in with the girls” and therefore powerful in the event of a future merge, when he’s nothing of the sort – which all those straight boys would know if they could ever actually bring themselves to talk to a girl.

    And say what you like. The straight boys were all going to vote Colton out first and he has used the chance receipt of an idol and their own assumptions about him to see off Matt and Bill.

    I say bitches had it comin!

  • Riker

    I love how half the posts in this thread are just one annoying troll.

  • iDavid

    Yikes……and we wonder y we have trouble getting accepted +gay rights. If that queen represents our stereotype, and he does, well u get the picture, framed in bitch lisp.

  • Huh ...

    @CBRad: Survivor has had hundreds of contestants. If the show were scripted, wouldn’t some of them have spoken out about it already? Either that, or Mark Burnett has managed to pull off the most elaborate conspiracy in American history (millions of witnesses; hundreds of culprits; not a single whistle-blower).

    As for there being characters. Sure. Editors work to produce a narrative, and they favor strong personalities. And the more TV-savvy contestants know that and give the cameras a good show.

    But the gameplay is real. The challenges are real, and most importantly, the votes are real. So in that sense (the most important sense, I’d say) the show is real.

    That’s not to say, of course, that producer interference isn’t often obvious (Season 22 was particularly egregious). But that’s a different story.

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: None of it is real. Even if you don’t know industry insiders who chuckle about it, research it on the internet, you’ll see.

  • Huh ...

    @CBRad: I could “research on the internet” that Obama’s a Nigerian Muslim or that 9/11 was an inside job, and come away with plenty of evidence. So for now, I’ll avail myself solely of common sense.

  • Mark

    Well let’s see, I haven’t seen Survivor written about in like 3 seasons and suddenly this is about the 5th or 6th website covering Colton. I think he’s funny. “Quit being so poor!” The queen is a scream.

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: okay, go ahead and believe it then.

  • Cam

    @oker zaude: said…

    “I love how the comments and the article accuse him of being bigoted and then turn around and repeat the same bigotry toward him and his mannerisms, and gay republicans.
    There isn’t even anything bigoted about him. If he was calling someone “white trash” I bet no one would care. But because the person is black, he’s automatically “racist.””

    No, he actually admitted that he didn’t like the guy because he was different from him. He is a poisonous little toad.

    Additionally, he begged and begged the women for an immunity idol. Then when the women came over asking for fire he says “I’m a republican and I don’t believe in handouts”.

    What a typical GOPer, taking something gigantic and then attacking other as mooches people for asking for something small.

  • Cam

    He begged the women for an immunity idol, and after they gave it to him, the women then came by asking for an ember from the fire and he says “I”m a republican and I don’t believe in handouts!”


  • Alex Sarmiento

    Is this really the best that they could find on Survivor? Thank Goddess that I am not a fan of this show. (Couldn’t they find somewhere else to film other than the tropics? Like Greenland or the fucking Sahara or Compton, California? {No offense to those living in Compton.})

    Sidebar: I’d like to see a smoking hot, classically masculine, gay liberal/progressive guy whoop ass on Survivor (or any other competitive reality show) and not be a fucking asshole. But I bet that that’s not going to happen any time soon.

  • Huh ...

    @Alex Sarmiento: “I’d like to see a smoking hot, classically masculine, gay liberal/progressive guy whoop ass on Survivor.”

    So your beef is that the gay Survivor winners haven’t been “masculine” or “hot” enough for you? As if gay men on TV aren’t really pushing forward the agenda unless they give you a hard-on?

    “…and not be a fucking asshole.”

    Guess that rules you out.

  • CBRad

    @Alex Sarmiento: If you want to see a “smoking hot…”, email them and ask them to write a character like that into the show, guy.

  • Huh ...

    @Alex Sarmiento: And by “write” he means “cast.” Because Survivor is not scripted.

  • Dr. Dick

    @JayKay: The big difference is that “white trash” refers to WHITE people of lower classes/perceived intelligence. “Ghetto trash” refers to any “trashy” people who love in a “ghetto”, an area characterized by a high concentration of an ethnic group (minority). The term “ghetto” DOES NOT mean “black” or “latino”. It means “ghetto”, so for you and people like you to translate “ghetto” as “black” is really hurtful. ALL BLACKS ARE NOT “GHETTO” & EVERYONE IN A “GHETTO” IS NOT A MINORITY.

    And the funniest part of is to me is that the Black man in question could not be further from the “Thug” stereotype, he is extremely NOT “ghetto”, to use the vulgar parlance (He reads as a total BRO). I leave Queerty near tears every day, EVERYONE is so hateful it’s depressing/disheartening. These comment boards alone are grounds for suicide :'(

  • Mark

    You have to laugh, even “Bill” the black dude thrown off last night is on Facebook laughing with Colton. You’re all being played like fiddles by CBS. This was all filmed last summer according to them by the way. I just howled at Colton lying back there like Cleopatra demanding: “Bring him to me!” All for the big ratings blockbuster when Colton gets his comeuppance.

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: LOL. No, Huh, I definitely mean “write” as in…invent !

  • CBRad

    @Dr. Dick: Don’t worry. The posters on Queerty (including myself) don’t represent the general public. They’re just guys with too much time on their hands.

  • Huh ...

    @Dr. Dick: Actually, has Survivor ever actually had a “thug” black person? It’s had preppy blacks, black nerds, corporate blacks, insane blacks, black bros, blipsters, suburban blacks — you name it. But an actual “thug”? Naonka and Dreamz were pretty “ghetto,” but she was teacher and he was an insane “entertainer”. The closest the show’s gotten to thug was Bobby from Exile Island, and the man was an attorney. And of course, the preppiest, most upper-class person ever to play on Survivor was black — Jayson, from Samoa.

    Anyway, my point is … I’ve watched a lot of Survivor.

  • Huh ...

    @Queer Supremacist: I remember that stuff. Don’t think it proves much.

  • JayKay

    @Dr. Dick:

    So then calling someone “white trash” is worse than calling someone “ghetto trash,” since “white trash” targets a specific race. Good to know.

  • Aiden

    I just think it’s funny that racism is being blamed entirely on republicans, as if it isn’t widespread in the community. His way of thinking isn’t uncommon.

  • Dallas David

    He seems to be too critical. Reminds me of why I split up with my 1st ex.

  • Republican

    The title of your article is ridiculous. If I write a blog on a straight site and use the title, “WATCH: Survivor‘s Gay Representative Is A Queeny, Semi-Bigoted Power Player” would that be accurate?

    Colton’s disgusting bigotry doesn’t represent the Republican party any more than he represents gay folks. Look around the Internet and read the message boards. It’s evident that only queerty is making such a ludicrous comparison to further a political agenda.

    How comical it is that you would use the words of this sorry excuse for a human being to somehow validate your view of Republicans, but totally ignore that the same validation can be viewed by straight people to condemn all gays.

    Intelligent people from all walks of life and political parties should be condemning his bigoted words. Maybe Colton does represent your community moreso than I thought.

  • jason

    Oh, let him be camp if he wants to. Camp doesn’t have a sexual orientation. It’s a form of presentation. I’ve seen camp in hetero-identifying guys.

  • AshNYC

    I don’t find “ghetto trash” racist……classist or elitist, but not so much racist……

  • TJ Parker

    @oker zaude: Yup. “Racism” involves beliefs and statements about *race*, you see …

  • Dr. Dick

    @JayKay: I was never trying to make one term “worse” than the other. Never said that. And “white” might be an acceptable “racial” designation in your eyes, but White has never been an Ethnic Minority in western culture, so there’s still no comparison. Also, why are you so negative? I never addressed you with such malice…. :/ just my nameless interweb 2 cents…

  • TJ Parker

    @Republican: For many of us, Colton is a perfect example of what we think of as a typical gay Republican, though to be fair my imaginary Republican friend (“some of my best friends are Republicans!”) isn’t quite so effeminate.

  • Evan Mulvihill

    @Republican: I just describe what Colton is: queeny (he’s always taking shots at people, usually catty or petty ones), semi-bigoted (he calls little people and black people belittling, but not outright racist terms), and a power player (he seems like he’s doing well in the game). He’s vilified himself, it’s not me doing it.

    Gay Republicans are a rare breed, and I felt the need to identify him as such.

  • CBRad

    When the writers of the show come up with a character like Colton, don’t forget, they WANT you to hate him. That way more people tune in to see him “get his just desserts” eventually.

  • BradChad

    I’m a gay republican, and I’m really masc and manly and I’ve only ever experienced bigotry from stupid intolerant liberals, and i’ve been Out forever and you can tell that I’m not lying because I’m posting anonymously on the internet.

    that’s why whenever you see comments from us gay republicans on gay sites we dont’ provide links to our own pages that show who we are, because only pansy liberal trolls back up their statements. real patriotic american freedom means you can say whatever you want from a place of anonymity, because that’s what we real men do.

  • Queer Supremacist

    How much do you want to bet all of those calling him a r*c*st are posting Craigslist and Manhunt hookup ads saying “white and Latino only” and casually discarding the responses from Latinos.

    @Aiden: I’ve seen more r*c*sm in this comment section on this site than from the GOP. They love breeders of every race, color and religion.

  • DavidBrock

    Right on BradChad! I’m also a gay republican and I’m also really masculine and manly and everyone I know doesn’t mind me being gay except for stupid liberals because liberals are more anti-gay than republicans, this is why most republicans vote against rights for gay people. because liberals support gay rights.

    if you stupid liberals stopped supporting gay rights then republicans would do it but they won’t because they don’t want to be like you stupid liberals.

    and i’m really muscular and i play football and my whole family are christians and republicans and they are fine with me being gay and i don’t need to prove it to anyone because being an american means i can say whatever i want and you just have to believe me.

    also, i’m really good looking and a part time model but not one of those fem models, i’m a really manly model who models like a man. sometimes i hold a football while i do it. and i don’t need to prove that, because that’s for liberal trolls.

  • Brett

    Right on my fellow gay republican brothers! we’re better than liberals and you can tell because we vote against Obama because he’s not doing anything for gay people, unlike Republicans who are clearly the most non-bigoted party in the US.

    i love sarah palin because she reminds me of my mom. because when my mom found out i was gay she was like “as long as you don’t turn into some pansy liberal we’ll still let you live here” and so i was right that liberals are the problem.

  • CBRad

    @DavidBrock: You guys are forgetting to make your Republican character say “And we love Israel and hate the Palestinians !!” Isn’t that another gay stereotyping of them?

  • Robert in NYC

    So what is the future President Romney going to do for gays if the GOP is so unbigoted as some claim it is? How about starting with invalidating all of the same-sex marriages,your darling fellow republican Ricky Santorum would like to see happen? Return to DADT even? How about overturning a woman’s right to choose, ban birth control so more unwanted babies will be born and back street abortions are once again in vogue? Got to vote republican, right?

  • DavidBrock

    @Robert in NYC: Oh you shut up you big stupid liberal. Democrats are more homophobic! And Go Israel!! The Palestinians are just homophobic troublemakers!

  • DavidBrock

    See how easy and childish that is ?

  • Huh ...

    Whatever. Instead of making it official policy, just put a bouncer on the door to limit the number of women to whatever size management thinks acceptable. That’s what every lesbian bar I’ve ever tried to get into does with men.

  • Huh ...

    @Huh …: And while it may *seem* that that post was meant for another thread, hard-core Survivor fans will know otherwise ;-)

  • Robert in NYC

    That’s the trouble with you right wingers, you tell people to shut up when you hear something you don’t like about your party, but I guess you love everything about it and what it believes including discrimination and marginalization of yourselves. You’re the classic low information psychotalkers, all soundbytes from college drop out Hannity and the rest of those airheads and halfwits on Fox News. What’s it like to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

  • BrettBradChad

    No, liberals are stupid because they are in pride parades and we gay republicans who hate pride parades because our parents hate pride parades are better because we don’t have to back up what we say when we say it online because transparency is only for liberal queen trolls.

    i’m a tall masculine football playing model and i’m a christian republican and i’ve been out since i was 4 and no republicans have ever been mean to me about it, only liberals, and to prove it i’m going to keep posting anonymously.

    because that’s what brave people who don’t lie do. they post things online anonymously.

  • ToddRick

    It’s great to hear from all my other gay republican friends on here. We are correct, we’re better than liberals and to prove it we’re gonna keep talking about how great we are from a place of complete anonymity because that’s how real change happens – when you say things online anonymously and then run away when people ask you to back up what you say.

    because facts are for sissies and we gay republicans know better than to use facts, we just repeat what our dads say to us and then they let us sit at the table without making us feel bad about sucking d**k.

    yeah. so to all you liberal queens who keep saying “oh, prove what you say is truuuue”, f**k OFF – we don’t need to prove anything, because what we say anonymously online is as truthful as a fox news broadcast!

  • Trigg

    yeah guys, i agree! Gay Republicans represent! as long as we keep posting anonymously on gay websites we’ll totally change the world!

  • Huh ...

    @ToddRick: Somebody has issues …

  • Huh ...

    Yup. LittleKiwi is just as deranged as ever.

  • Huhh

    who’s LittleKiwi? that liberal queen? screw her, she’s a stupid troll.

    I’m a real man because I can post things anonymously, like a real man does because gay liberals are stupid.

    see? it’s way more beneficial to gays if you treat the internet like q burqa, right brother Huh?

    we’re the real men, not those liberal queens. yeah.

  • Huhh

    Oh, i just realized you mean you think I’m LittleKiwi loser. I’m not. To prove it i’m not going to prove it, because only queeny attention-whore liberals try to prove things.

    i’m half-black and i play football for a top-ranked university and i’m the star quarterback and all my teammates know I’m gay and i don’t need to prove anything.

    and I’m also a proud republican and i voted for McCain because he was better on gay rights than Obama.

    and you know i’m telling the truth because i said it’s the truth.

  • Huh ...

    @Huhh: No, you’re right. You totally don’t have issues…

  • Huhh

    Exactly. The only people who have issues are those stupid gay liberals that come onto gay sites and try to prove facts and stuff. That’s freakin’ stupid. Everyone knows that the real people with no issues are the guys like us who don’t need to prove anything that we say. because people who don’t hide are all attention-whores and if those stupid liberal gays just did what you and i do, and commented on gay sites anonymously, then there wouldn’t be people who hates gays anymore.

    because the people with issues are those stupid gays who try to be so freakin’ “Out” that everyone knows that they’re gay. yeah.

  • Huh ...

    @Huhh: Actually, I think what you’re *really* mad about is that people don’t care enough to prove things to *you*.

    Because unlike what you seem to believe, you’re not the ultimate arbiter of authenticity in gay life.

  • CBRad

    @Robert in NYC: Does that prove it about gays in Manhattan, folks? Robert thinks the “Republican” posts are for real, and Mulvihill thinks “Survivor” is for real. THAT’S why gay kids really kill themselves…One needs a hopeful future, but all they see is a future of airheadism in a gay ghetto.

  • Huh ...

    @CBRad: OK. Survivor *is* for real. There’s no way to explain the show otherwise. Have you been watching these past 11 years?

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: Oh…..Mr. Huh !! (aarghh) Then we’ll just have to “agree to disagree” (as they say) on that one.

  • CBRad

    @Huh …: But I hope you, at least, agree with me on how stupid Manhattan gays are !

  • Huh ...

    @CBRad: Oh, they’re the worst. B2Q 4eva!

  • rickc1029

    Hello people…..this is the face of every little stuck up brat in every gay club from la to ny……………this is what you look like……this is what you sound like………this is you

  • Huh ...

    @rickc1029: In other words, you strike out often.

    Yeah. That’s gotta be a bummer.

  • No. 1

    @Belize: Is there internet in ur 3rd world country?

  • AnOn

    @CBRad: While I think other shows, like the Bachelor, the Kardashian shows, or any of the other celeb “reality” shows are scripted, there hasn’t been any evidence that Survivor is scripted.

  • Spencer

    I find it next to hillarious that the gay community gets up in arms just because this homosexual male calls himself a republican. As a Republican myself, it makes me happy to see a gay man with his head on “straight.” lol. big deal! this guy breaks the mold. just because you’re gay doesnt mean to have to be an Obama loving, wishy washy, liberal nut-case. Colton- After watching survivor, i think you’re quite the annoying diva, someone i probably wouldnt ever associate with, but thank you for bridging that “gap,” (lol, that’s great)

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