WATCH: The Gay-ish Trailer For The Real World 26 (Yep, It’s Still On)

We haven’t watched The Real World regularly in a while—maybe since that one time when that guy slapped that girl in Seattle—or was it when cute Danny gave that guy a hummer in the confessional in New Orleans? Honestly, after Real World: San Francisco‘s Pedro Zamora and Puck it’s been a downhill slide no matter how much product placement Valtrex has stepped up to deliver.

But this trailer for Season 26, when the show returns to San Diego, is pretty great. It’s got all the elements you want from a reality show about young, lazy attractive people: tacos, dolphins, yelling, booze, mankinis, a super-tomboy lesbian, hot-tubbin’, goofy dancing, a guy’s blue jeans popping open, a bi guy who’ll make out with seemingly anyone. And guns.

Gotta say that one again: They give them guns this season.

We’re firing up the TiVo right now.

The Real World: San Diego debuts Wednesday, September 26, on MTV.