WATCH: The YouTube Guide To Olympic Diver Tom Daley

Like any red-blooded American man, we have a total (age-appropriate) crush on 18-year-old diver Tom Daley, who has shown the world he’s more classy and charming than some gold-medal winners (and some folks on Twitter, too).

In the clip above, Fabulous magazine nabbed Daley for a wet-and-wild photo shoot. (It was posted after our Tom turned 18, but we can’t say when it was shot so look admiringly but not lasciviously.)

Below we’ve gathered more videos of our favorite diver: In order, there’s Tom and Team GB performing their infamous cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”; Tom and diving partner Pete Waterfield; A touching moment from a BBC documentary on Tom and his dad, who passed away from cancer after filming.; A fan video; and Tom live-tweeting with fans in Singapore. (Not much happens, but we just love his accent. Cor blimey!)



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  • fagburn

    Oh Tom…………………..

  • Jeff

    I’m only a couple years older than Tom, but I’ve always restrained myself from thinking about him, so I’m happy he’s legal ;)

  • Rory

    What a guy ;)

  • Prof. O.G. Whataschnozelle

    As low-cut as those trunks are I am surprised he (or the Olympic Committee didn’t chose a G-String instead. My lord. Ok, the kid is gay. But let’s focus more on his diving ability (which is what I am ASSUMING is what got him there) than his anus.

  • Kris

    I don’t know if anyone outside of GB saw this, but I guess after he didn’t do so well in his dive, some kid started tweeting harassing statements ( and now has actually be arrested for it ( As much as the kid shouldn’t be hassled, I’m not convinced actually going after tweeters is really the best use of police time in any country.

  • Sol Invictus

    I didn’t know the body of an 18-year-old could look like that. My own body curses you Tom Daley ;_;

  • avesraggiana

    Don’t care for him. Too pretty by half. There’s room for all types of beauty, just not in my heart.

  • No.8

    Yes! Thank god Tom’s only 3 years older than me! The moment I saw him I was converted into a fan :D

  • n900mixalot

    @avesraggiana: neither. do. I. This is shameful and is also why we can’t get any respect. Can we STOP idolizong barely legal teenage boys?! So what if straight people do it. I thought we were trying to be better.

    I’ll take that Olympic weightlifter now please. Why aren’t we idolizing them? Or the other HOT men of the Olympics.


  • MikeE

    The funny thing is.. EVERYONE is pretty at that age. Once you get over 30, you realize they all have a sort of generic “pretty young thing” thing going.

    I’m not attracted to him either. he’s too young for me.
    I wish some gays would stop idolizing teens. it’s unhealthy.

    if you’re 18 and you think he’s cute, fine.

    if you’re 40 and think he’s cute, then you have some serious issues that need to be dealt with. somewhere along the way, you missed out on your youth, and trying to recapture it now is NOT the answer.

  • Rory

    I’m 20, it’s all good!

  • paul

    Tom is gay???!!!


  • MikeE

    @paul: no, he’s not.

  • Danny

    @MikeE: Oh really? So 40-year-old people must somehow eliminate the ability to look at a nice looking (or even sexy) young LEGAL man and appreciate his attractiveness? Relax. No child molestation going on. Just looking at some nice photos/videos of an attractive and talented young man.

    Why are some people so judgy?

  • Sol Invictus

    @MikeE: “The funny thing is.. EVERYONE is pretty at that age.”

    I’m an 18-year-old AND the counterexample that disproves that conjecture.

    Q.E.Motherf*****g D.

  • um...

    In the UK the age of consent is 16, and when he turned 16 the Guardian (?) had a cover story in their weekend mag about him with the headline: “He’s Ready!”. The story was about him preparing for the Olympics, but still very funny.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Nice body but too young looking. He has feminine facial features. When she said they tried to make him look masculine I giggled. The only masculine thing about him is his smoking hot body.

  • Ian

    Good god…. he is such a hottie…. yum!

  • Ian

    @MikeE: MikeE…. please help me out. I feel like I have issues now that you’ve enlightened us. Um, see, I’m 50 and my partner of 18 years is only 47…. Am I a pervert? Do I have issues? I mean, three years is a lot, no? Please use your special moral compass and help me be a better man. Until I hear back from you, I will only find other men attractive if they are 50. No more, no less. Can’t be too careful.

  • bienclar

    It’s upsetting how good looking he is and he’s such a nice bloke. All the schools in Plymouth had a youth business competition and I spent the whole day at the booth next to him gazing longingly at him and quietly fuming that I couldn’t find a way to dislike him other than that he had such a good tan that he was orange in December.

  • Doughosier

    There’s no age limit to appreciating beauty.

  • IvanPH

    He is gorgeous!

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