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Watch: This Time Darren Criss Serenades A Gay Girl

Darren Criss, the Glee actor, grows more adorable every time I see him. On the show. On magazine covers. And today, on Ellen, where he not only chatted about how seriously he takes his role playing a gay teen on TV, but he also wrote a little ditty for his host. All together now: Awww!

[flv: 650 400]


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  • Spike

    That is one very talented, smoking hot cute and intelligent str8t boy. He has an incredible career a head of him.

  • Joe

    He makes me wish I knew some young, handsome, talented, out, proud, and actively supportive gay guys that weren’t playing it for television. I need to move to a bigger place…

  • Patrik

    He’s setting off my gaydar. Just sayin’.

  • Spike


    Your gaydar needs to go in to Jiffy Lube for a 17 point tune up.

  • flan205


    mine too!

  • justiceontherocks

    @Spike: I agree with you. Fey does not mean gay.

    Criss just could not be any more adorable, no matter what team he plays for.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    He does have some gay mannerisms in the way he moves and speaks
    But I will give him the benefit of the doubt, he might truly be straight. Anyways, super cute guy :)

  • HD G Vid

    He has a good voice, but i hate his hair

  • Rob

    He doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would lie if he really was gay. Just sayin’.

  • Kevin Bateman Smith

    So. Gay.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    You don’t be involved in theatre your whole life and not pick up some fey-isms, even if you’re all about chicks. Darren does nothing for my gaydar.

  • hephaestion

    I’m dumbfounded that idiots are quibbling over whether he is gay or straight here. What an insult to this dear, wonderful man, Darren Criss. He is brilliant, and he sets a very high standard for straight men to live up to.

  • Patrik

    @hephaestion: This is a gay website, after all. What’s wrong with wondering?

  • Tony

    LOVE him….but straight ?? ….really ??…..

  • Tony

    straight ? mmkay…

  • Blake J

    Gay men can be masculine and straight men can be effeminate.

    I hope Darren Criss is not lying about being straight, because that would do some damage to what Glee, Chris Colfer, etcetera are doing for the “queer community”.

    It is an internationally popular show with three gay characters (one of the actors who is openly gay) and two straight characters portrayed by openly gay actors (Jonathan Groff and Cheyenne Jackson).
    It has better “orientation blind casting” than any other show or even movie.

  • Blake J

    @Blake J: And the openly gay actor, Chris Colfer is getting Emmy and SAG nominations, and won a Golden Globe.

  • J.

    I really, really, really enjoy him. I have nothing profound or well-thought out to say. Point blank, he makes me smile and happy to be alive.

  • Adam

    @SpiffyShindigs: Exactly. And if he actually was gay, and wanted people to think he was straight, he’d be suppressing those fey-isms (good word, by the way.)

  • drewa24

    Straight as my 9″ banana dick…just a matter of time.

  • Simon

    Ok, stop bitching gays! If he says he’s straight, he is! He doesn’t look like a guy that would lie on Ellen show. Anyway he’s not feminine, more like fragile and cute to me ;)

  • Albert

    Wait!!! Did he say the movie Cars got a sequel?!?!

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