WATCH: Transphobic “X-Factor” Judge’s “Words Can’t Bring Me Down” Belts Out Trans Contestant

Fifi Janevksi stormed the stage of Serbian X Factor where she sang a rousing rendition of Cher‘s “Dov’e L’Amore.” Even though Fifi was giving more runs than an Olympic track and field trial, judge and former Eurovision contestant Željko Joksimovic was unimpressed.

According to Serbian LGBT activists, via Gay Star News, Joksimovi? made “disrespectful” remarks about Fifi, saying, “I personally don’t like that… but you are a good singer.” He also jokingly suggested to the other judges that Fifi had male and female forces dueling within her, saying that “there are two of them.”

Joksimovic, claiming he was not “persuaded,” asked Fifi to sing some more and she obliged by belting the shit out of Christina Aguilera’s equality anthem, “Beautiful.” She could’ve dropped the mic and stomped off the stage in her stilettos then and there, but being a lady, she graciously waited for the other judges to commend her performance.

A spokesperson for a leading LGBT organization in the Serbian capital of Belgrade told GSN that while Joksimovic “made a transphobic remark,” his fellow judges all showed Fifi “support and complimented her on her performance, singing, looks and bravery.”

Even before Fifi uttered a single note, the hostess of X-Factor was already enamored, lending Fifi her tiara prior to her performance. Sure, it clashed with her earrings — one statement piece above the neck is usually enough — but as she was ruling that stage, it seemed an appropriate accessory.