WATCH: Will “Pray The Gay Away” Preacher Bobby Blakey Pay For These Kids’ Therapy Bills?


UPDATE: Blakey has removed the video but you can view it here.

Queerty reader Matt G. sent us this clip earlier in the week and we and we can’t adequately describe the combination of nausea and sadness it inspires. We’re sure there’s a word for it in German.

Orange County pastor Bobby Blakey of Compass Bible Church has produced this joke of a testimonial that warns parents that even if their kids aren’t queer, they’ve likely “completely embraced the lifestyle as leigitimate for their friends.” “If you don’t accept homosexuality,” he explains, “you’re not in with what’s happening today.”

Oh yeah, Jamie Hubley and all those other kids killed themselves because they were so in.

To make matters worse, Blakey trots out Tyler and Patrick, two fresh-faced teens who have repented from their gay ways and gone totally gaga for Christ.

“Ive turned away from my sin of homosexuality and I strongly believe people can change. If you have God in your life you can change.,” says Patrick. “In high school people knew me as homosexual Patrick, the flamboyant gay guy. Now people know me as Patrick, the guy who became a Christian and is no longer a homosexual.”

How about just being known as Patrick?

Blakey explains about Our Savior, “He makes people new from the inside out—changing their desires—so they want to live for him!”

That sounds pretty gay to us, dude.

Blakey isn’t just selling snake oil—he’s setting up these poor kids for a world of pain when they realize giving themselves over to their invisible magical friend isn’t making their same-sex desires go away. We wish there was some way to bring him up on abuse charges.

And to Tyler and Patrick: If you look like a duck, walk like a duck, dress like a duck and talk like a duck, you can call yourself a chicken but you’re still a @%#$ing duck. Hopefully one day you’ll have another epiphany, realize this pastor is just some creepy asshole that’s way too interested in adolescent boys, and go live a happy gay life—somewhere far, far away from the O.C.



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  • Jay H

    The page on Youtube has like/dislike disabled and all comments are moderated. I thought that if you walked with Jeebus you need fear no-one?

    Couldn’t watch it all the way through. Too much smallminded hate and psychological harm being done to youngsters.

  • Skeloric

    @Jay H: Heh, they are totally trying to hide from their own insignificance and increasing irrelevance.
    Though, I am not surprised — they do like to offer a strongly one sided conversation.

  • jkb

    I am Christian and gay…no problems here.

  • Brandon h

    “Somewhere far far away from the O.C”

    Don’t call it that.

  • kylew

    This is just one small step away from straight camp. One day this type of mind fuck will be recognised for the abuse it is, and people brought to account. But not as long as kids and their minds are considered property.

  • Little Kiwi

    Aint it amazing that their god can’t (or won’t?) cure actual diseases? Nope. Mothers and daughters will die from breast cancer. Children will die from leukemia. But their god will totally find the time and energy and necessity to make a bunch of self-loathing homosexuals develop a taste for pussy. Because that’s what matters in life. Screw the 6 year olds who are sick from radiation treatment and chemo and end up dying before they reach adolescence. What their god cares most about is that these dudes aren’t gay.

    these people don’t merely insult LGBT people with their batshittery, they’re effectively slapping the faces of all people who’ve actually had a legit hardship in life. Sorry, folks, God couldn’t answer your prayers because He was too busy making helping these boys to be no longer scared of vaginas.

  • kylew

    @Jack: Been there, done that, and he is definitely going to have a special starring role on my web site in the near future!

  • Ron

    @ everyone:

    Courtesy of someone who knows how to download youtube videos, the video is now up on a different channel:

    This video is open to comments and dislikes, at least until the fundies who uploaded the original notice and demand that youtube take it down.

    anyone who wishes to make future copies available, should acquaint themselves with this nice site:

  • Choke Gag

    Even reading his words, I can tell this kid is choking on the ‘homosexual’ term that has been forced down his gullet like the cocks he so desperately craves by the Nazis for Christ movement.

  • HM

    And Jesus said…what…about being gay?

    Go through the Book again. And JESUS…(no, not the creepy mystics who came before Him who He kinda disowned….or the closted opportunist ‘of Tarsus’ who tried to highjack His movement 30 years after he was dead)…..JESUS CHRIST….said what about being gay?

    That’s right. Zip.

    Here endeth the lesson. Seriously, ‘Bobby’….go start a band or a smoothie store. Do some fuckin thing…

  • Kurt

    Tyler and Patrick are HOT!!!! Everyone knows that ex-gays have more and better sex than gays.

    “Tyler, this Patrick. I know it is late, but I’m getting unChristian urges.”

    “Patrick, come over to my place and we can pray about it.”

    “Okay, Tyler, I’ll be right over.”


    “Tyler, I think we failed.”

    “That’s okay, Patrick. God forgives. And long as we keep giving each other prayer support, that is what is important.”

    “Yeah, Tyler. Prayer support with you is POWERFUL. When I go over to Lucas’ house for prayer support, we ALWAYS fail. With you, its just sometimes.”

  • B

    Hey, I’m almost (but not quite) confident enough to offer to give Blakey a blow job if those two young actors he hired for the video aren’t gay! I wonder how much he had to pay them (or rehearse them) so they could spout those lines with a straight face, and a straight face is probably the only straight thing about them!

    I think they did it (a) for the money and (b) as a put-on, with the gay overtones in the way they talked or the way they dressed going completely over Blakey’s head. It wouldn’t surprise me if the two went out for dinner afterwards, followed by a night in bed.

  • Riker

    I’m not entirely convinced this video isn’t one giant troll. If it turns out to be real, I feel so sorry for these children. They don’t understand that (assuming God exists for a moment) God created everything – every rock, every cat and every faggot – to be perfect the way it is.

    This is why we need hate crimes and bullying laws in all 50 states. These perverts want to come into our schools and corrupt the minds of our children. They try to shove their twisted morals down our children’s throats. Their own kids don’t believe this crap, so they have to recruit ours. Before anyone with a religious affiliation comes in to speak to my children there should be parental notification involved and I should be allowed to pull them from school so they don’t usurp the rights of parents to teach their children their own beliefs about Christianity.

  • mike kilpatrick

    You just know he’s fucking those kids.

  • Ogre Magi

    Looks like the video is gone! IN YOUR FACE CHRISTIANS!NYAA NYAA NYAA!

  • kylew

    @Ogre Magi: Yeah, it’s gone, but he’s not gonna get away with it that easily. I downloaded it, and now that a copy is up independently, Blakey is going to be held accountable for his words.

    If he believed in what he was saying, and his mission, why backtrack now? Maybe he realises that even moderates despise what he has done as an affront against decency.

  • DenverBarbie

    I’ll fess up to Facebook creepin’ on Bobby earlier (the link has all of his contact info, including a Facebook URL), and can tell you that his privacy settings have changed. When I first accessed his page, his wall was totally visible. In fact, I can tell you that he and his wife are expecting again- lord, help that child! I just went on to see if he issued any kind of statement (status update) about the removal of the video, and his wall is pretty much blocked.

    Hoping some good trolls were rocking his page. Good on good trolls :)

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    I wonder how much he had to pay them (or rehearse them) so they could spout those lines with a straight face

    Yeah, I gotta agree with that. They look like a couple of actors who had very little rehearsal time before getting in front of the camera. Combine that with some obvious physical cues that they’re lying, and I have to call bullshit.

    BTW, what’s that perv Bobby Blakey doing hanging around high school boys?

  • iDavid

    Here is the video above that was “removed”.

    Tyler in the video was forced “gay” by parents teachers and students overtones even when he knew he wasn’t, because he sang and danced. Then he repented for his “gay lifestyle” of singing and dancing. Yes, I would want to remove all the vids also as that’s beyond irrational, wreaks of low class white trash thinking and ranks high in the realm of foolish stupidity.

    The good thing is anti gay Christian Blakey (why do so many of these anti gay “christ” guys all have such weird last names?)gave great stats on today’s high school kids dismissing fantasy low down religion for hardcore reality. I recommend focusing on that because it’s really true, highly positive and very uplifting.

  • B

    No. 21 · iDavid wrote, “Tyler in the video was forced ‘gay’ by parents teachers and students overtones even when he knew he wasn’t, because he sang and danced.”

    … which is why I figure that Tyler is actually an actor playing a role for the video.
    Who do you know who was ever encouraged to be gay by parents, teachers, and other students while they were still in high school?

    And that check out the pastor’s hair and goatee. If it wasn’t for what he was saying, what would you guess? Gay or straight?

  • Riker

    @B: Being forced? no, but we all know those people who fit the stereotype so perfectly that everyone just assumes they are.90% of the time they’re right, but sometimes the flamboyant actors turn out str8.

  • james_from_cambridge

    I sent Bobby The Gay-Faced Preacher a lovely, measured (kinda) letter and I hope y’all do the same. His e-mail is below.

    to: “[email protected]
    date: Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 12:49 AM
    subject: Ex Gay Programs

    We know what you’re doing to those poor boys in your YouTube video behind closed doors (and by the way, you can’t take a video down once you’ve uploaded it. People are posting it all over YouTube and Facebook and laughing at you.) There’s no such thing as ex-gay so you’re either mentally destroying them with your idiotic nonsense or more likely, fucking them on the down low (or both). After all preachers, like your brothers in crime Congressmen, are liars, fornicators and hypocrites, as all of us have learned these past few years. Which is why everyone now laughs at the church and why no one believes a word any of you hypocrites say. You yourself will burn in hell for the pain you’re inflicting on these innocent young men and the general hatred against gays that you spread among the mentally challenged folk that still bother to attend your church. All to cover up your own homosexuality. Thankfully though, you people are a small, and ever shrinking, minority. Is it any wonder that the fastest growing group in the U.S. is Atheists? (Followed by Muslims; you hate-mongering preachers are killing off Christianity mighty quickly in the West. You’re actually doing the job for us Atheists and I for one thank you!)


    P.S. If you truly and honestly want to help young gay men like those two, please off yourself. I promise you that nothing would help them more.

  • B

    No. 23 · Riker wrote, “@B: Being forced? no, but we all know those people who fit the stereotype so perfectly that everyone just assumes they are.90% of the time they’re right, but sometimes the flamboyant actors turn out str8.”

    Huh? “Being forced was iDavid’s statement, which I had simply quoted, and then pointed out that the the two young guys in the video were probably actors. I imagined two wise-ass actors playing the parts so they’d appear gay to the audience, with that going completely over the preacher’s head.

  • Riker

    @B: Yes, my comment was largely a response to the “who do you know who’s parents encouraged them to be gay” part. Encouraged may not be the right word, but “assumed” might fit.

  • iDavid


    Great letter. There are several people listed on his web page that work at his church. I have also sent a letter but now am thinking about copying and pasting to everyone listed w an email on his churches web page. Implosion is a beautiful thing.

  • iDavid

    A call-in campaign would also be appropriate. The head pastor’s name is Mike Fabarez.

    I think it may be time to call for a national boycott of all donations to all churches that discriminate against LBGT people. Many moderates don’t know how to combat crimes against nature; they can hit where these snake oil rats will feel it most, their checking accounts.

    Protests outside churches during Sunday services that preach discrimination and promotes teen suicide and bullying by default would also send a strong message. It’s not unlike religious manslaughter through the practice of witchcraft. Anyone near Aliso Viejo in Southern California, here is your chance to make a difference.

    Government banking is not the only protest this country needs to see.

    Compass Bible Church
    150 Columbia
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
    (949) 540-0699

  • Michael

    People like Blakely are the true INDOCTRINATORS.There is no cure for being gay there is no cure for liking the same sex.There is however a little something called educating oneself about homosexuality about gay FAMILIES and reading about how homosexuality is NO longer considered a mental illness.You can not logically or scientifically PRAY being gay away all you are doing is repressing who you really are in order to satisfy what everyone else wants instead of what YOU want.It’s ridiculous in too many ways to count.

    People like Blakely are considered FALSE PROPHETS in the bible and that is exactly what he is.

  • scribe31

    @kylew: thank-you for doing that…. I couldn’t watch the whole thing through, hurt a little too bad, but people need to know what this church is doing.

  • Konrad

    There’s no such thing as ex-gay

    What about transexuals?

  • Jeff J

    This disgusting video was reposted by someone. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

  • Jeff J

    After the church too this down for whatever reason, this disgusting video was reposted by someone. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

  • Bryan

    @iDavid: What’s your definition of discrimination though? If you’re boycott donation to churches that discriminate against LGBT people, you’d be boycotting about 90% of ALL churches. 85% of churches are against LGBT people, though they don’t go about it like this guy or the WBC, but they pull the “we won’t judge you, but God loves you, and we’ll be praying for you” line which imo while not overt discrimination is not exactly acceptance either, about, about 10% actively take an overt antigay stance and probably about 5% are the accepting kind like the Episcopal Church.

  • Matt

    @Bryan: I haven’t done major research on this but most mainline Protestants and some other denominations are now gay friendly, there are a TON of churches around here with rainbow flags and such. I’m sure theyre a minority but I don’t think 90% of churches are anti-gay. I don’t care about churches that oppose homosexuality but those that push “pray away the gay” are liars and knowingly harm people’s mental health and well being for their own gain.

  • Ian

    Creepy, sad, enraging, all rolled up into one steaming pile of horseshit. Anytime you see “_______ Bible Church”, run for the hills.

  • iDavid

    My def of discrimination is the same as for anyone, suppression of humankind through fear hate and bigotry. There are many people that do not agree with Biblical law usurping God’s natural law i.e. negs against blacks, gays, women, other religions etc but they go to these churches, put money in the basket and do not say anything. This is the typical “moderate” and I see this as discrimination through default.

    No matter what the stats are, and I think you are high on yours, it is our responsibility individually to keep mankind as happy as possible. Hitting orgs that promote fear based irrational conflict need to be spear headed. Demonstrating outside churches at Sunday services is but one way, but a good way to re-instill the happiness we all deserve to have, even if it’s a few against the many.

  • Shaun Johnson

    I would be happy to join in the protest at this church. Just say the word!

  • Outraged

    I work on the same street as this church and know that they have very limited parking as it being located in a business park of all places. Clarient, Inc. Headquarters being one of the largest that allow church parking in their lot after hours for Wednesday’s, Sunday’s and special events.Please write to the address below and ask for them to not allow parking for the members of this church for the reasons of what Paster Bobby Blake said in the video. This will cause a great burden on this church as their is no other parking in the area of walking distance.

    Clarient, Inc. Headquarters
    31 Columbia
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

  • Austin

    I go to this church. Why do you want to limit our parking space just because a lot of people want to hear about God’s word? And pastor Bobby is not wrong-it says clearly in the Bible that being gay is not okay with God. God loves gay people-he just doesn’t like “gay”. He created man for woman-just like Adam for Eve. If God had created Adam and Mark or something in the Garden of Eden, and they “went at it”, then it would have been okay. But he didn’t-he created a woman and a man. And I know those two guys. They are radically different people! Pastor Bobby is just trying to help you guys! I’m not writing this to you like you have some kind of disease, but the way you think is not in line with God’s way of thinking. If you ask “the invisible friend”, (aka GOD) for help, He WILL help you. Also, Bobby removed the video because he wasd getting random death threats and decided that he should take it down. You should listen to what he has to say with ann open mind and heart! It might even make sense to you! :) God bless!

  • Austin

    @Michael: @iDavid:
    Pastor Bobby isnt a “false prohphet”… he’s simply speaking the truth STRAIGHT from the Bible! YOU just dont like this because you feel guilty.

  • pierre

    @Austin: You’re a delusional nutjob.

  • iDavid


    Wrong. I don’t pander to guilt spewing pastors BECAUSE I DON’T, feel guilty.

    Your kind pander and spew because you do.

    The Bible is one thick lie, from “god” fraud on down. There is good reason Jesus said nothing about gays.

    Stop fighting and go back to the classroom.

    Jesus is waiting.

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