WATCH: Will “Pray The Gay Away” Preacher Bobby Blakey Pay For These Kids’ Therapy Bills?


UPDATE: Blakey has removed the video but you can view it here.

Queerty reader Matt G. sent us this clip earlier in the week and we and we can’t adequately describe the combination of nausea and sadness it inspires. We’re sure there’s a word for it in German.

Orange County pastor Bobby Blakey of Compass Bible Church has produced this joke of a testimonial that warns parents that even if their kids aren’t queer, they’ve likely “completely embraced the lifestyle as leigitimate for their friends.” “If you don’t accept homosexuality,” he explains, “you’re not in with what’s happening today.”

Oh yeah, Jamie Hubley and all those other kids killed themselves because they were so in.

To make matters worse, Blakey trots out Tyler and Patrick, two fresh-faced teens who have repented from their gay ways and gone totally gaga for Christ.

“Ive turned away from my sin of homosexuality and I strongly believe people can change. If you have God in your life you can change.,” says Patrick. “In high school people knew me as homosexual Patrick, the flamboyant gay guy. Now people know me as Patrick, the guy who became a Christian and is no longer a homosexual.”

How about just being known as Patrick?

Blakey explains about Our Savior, “He makes people new from the inside out—changing their desires—so they want to live for him!”

That sounds pretty gay to us, dude.

Blakey isn’t just selling snake oil—he’s setting up these poor kids for a world of pain when they realize giving themselves over to their invisible magical friend isn’t making their same-sex desires go away. We wish there was some way to bring him up on abuse charges.

And to Tyler and Patrick: If you look like a duck, walk like a duck, dress like a duck and talk like a duck, you can call yourself a chicken but you’re still a @%#$ing duck. Hopefully one day you’ll have another epiphany, realize this pastor is just some creepy asshole that’s way too interested in adolescent boys, and go live a happy gay life—somewhere far, far away from the O.C.