Watch Your New Favorite Gay Twins Come Out To Each Other

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Some scientists suggest that the “gay gene runs in families,” a concept that only seems to be backed by the great number of gay twins we’ve come to know in the past few years.

The adorable 21-year-old Monastero (fraternal) twins are the latest gay twins to pop on our radar, appearing together in their very first YouTube video to explain how they came out to one another.

In it, they say that even though they knew they were gay at age four, they only got around to telling each other this year.

“If you’re a person in the closet watching this,” they say, “tell them. It gets so much better, you’ll never regret it. It’s never a bad thing.”

Check out their story below, and below that, watch them both come out to their parents together (props to mom, who says “Well of course you’re born that way, that’s how it works”).

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