Watch Your New Favorite Gay Twins Come Out To Each Other

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Some scientists suggest that the “gay gene runs in families,” a concept that only seems to be backed by the great number of gay twins we’ve come to know in the past few years.

The adorable 21-year-old Monastero (fraternal) twins are the latest gay twins to pop on our radar, appearing together in their very first YouTube video to explain how they came out to one another.

In it, they say that even though they knew they were gay at age four, they only got around to telling each other this year.

“If you’re a person in the closet watching this,” they say, “tell them. It gets so much better, you’ll never regret it. It’s never a bad thing.”

Check out their story below, and below that, watch them both come out to their parents together (props to mom, who says “Well of course you’re born that way, that’s how it works”).

And because you’ve fallen in love, check out their views on Grindr:

And don’t forget to check them both out on Instagram:

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    The black one is cute


    Maybe if the white one ditched the goggles

  • AlexM

    The dude with the short black hair is 10x hotter. I don’t know.. maybe if the other one cut his hair and put some contacts on.. do something.

  • redcarpet30

    I’d be happy with either one. Or both, but I doubt they are into that.

  • mcflyer54

    How about we just let them be who they are. After all, isn’t that what all of this is about anyway?


    Very slick routine that these guys have. I hope its legit <_<(I know, cynical!) It's just that neither of these guys pings to me, especially not dark bro. All the same, they have tons of personality and are total naturals. Very watchable.

  • KwisatzHad3r4ch

    That’d be a pretty elaborate (and pointless) hoax. Rope your parents (or two middle-aged strangers?) into participating in a fake coming out video, learn the ins and outs of Grinder, etc. And for what, really? To be YouTube famous?

    • mcflyer54

      @KwisatzHad3r4ch: And ultimately being exposed and humiliated as a fraud?

  • MarcoRabbito

    White people have such diverse looks. Neat.

  • KwisatzHad3r4ch

    I like this. A change from all the gay boyfriend channels on YouTube.

  • Aromaeus

    How diverse can saltines really be though?

  • KwisatzHad3r4ch

    Red hair is a (recessive) mutation of dark/black hair. So this kind of thing isn’t uncommon (see: the Lohan sisters).

    So many comments on their looks…

  • KwisatzHad3r4ch

    Now that I think about it, Tom Sturridge and his brother Arthur would’ve been a better example/comparison (I’m guessing dishy British twinks are more this site’s speed).

    Get ready! Get set! Google Image Search!

  • MarcoRabbito


    Thanks for the info. I mean skin colouring and hair texture too, especially in the same family. I’m half Filipino and Italian and my Filipino side looks all the same lol, but white side have blonde hair, black hair… I just find fascinating. That’s all. Thanks.

  • Billy Budd

    Adorable. I have an identical twin who is straight, and that is such a frustration!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    It’s just not fair the way the genetic lottery works, c’est la vie I suppose.

  • Joseph

    I agree completely. They are both equally adorable!

  • Essus67

    They look as different as my twin and I do – I got the blond northern europe genes and he got the brunet southern europe genes, which is appropriate since my family is a GB/Spanish mix for back ground. They both are adorable.

  • nature boy

    i love in the coming out video how the dad just keeps eating and drinking the whole time, says “really?” twice in kind of a Scoobie-doo voice and then just says he’s completely fine with it, and keeps eating. Great parents ! Mom you were awesome too. Nice antidote to the other horrible coming out video posted today on Queerty.

  • Ridpathos

    They should have had the redhead come out first and the dark haired guy not say anything, and be like all surprised about the bro, and then at the most awkward moment, come out too. lol

  • stranded

    Well that’s cool I guess. Singers Tegan and Sara said in an interview they also kept it a secret from one another until they decided to have a heart to heart. it’s kind of interesting how no matter how close, there’s still a sense of shame about one’s sexuality and twins feel then need to keep it a secret. They seem mildly entertaining, but i honestly won’t follow them.

    And just because everyone’s adding their 2 cents about the guys looks. Adam’s the obvious dreamboat, but they’re both really cute. The instagram picture of Luke is great, without the Justin Guarini/ Corbin Bleu/ Shangela hair, he kind has a Ryan Phillippe thing going on.

  • blackberry finn

    @MarcoRabbito: Congratulations, you get the “Most Gratuitous Comment by a Person of Color” Award. Your prize: a new bored game.

  • blackberry finn

    @Aromaeus: @blackberry finn: It’s soooo refreshing to come to an LGBT page and encounter cool comments like yours. Looking forward to more when you call blacks chocolate, hispanics tacos, and Asians egg rolls. You’re killing it. Really.

  • ss2509

    Lighten up BlackBerry Finn!!

  • Xzamilio

    @blackberry finn: How can a game be bored? Just wondering…

  • Curtispsf

    Damn…can we clone these parents? They are awesome.

  • Jacob23

    Loving these guys. They’re great. To the losers above talking about which one is hotter, don’t worry, you can’t get either of them.

  • Dylan

    I hope I live to see a day where people don’t have to ‘come out’.
    We can just, be.

    I want chicken.

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